How to build my bridge Tori felde


  • 2 full bottles of Elmers glue
  • At least 300 popsicle sticks
  • 4 empty water bottles
  • 1 full package of rubber bands
  • 1 yard stick
  • 1 full box of paper clips
  • Scissors (optional)


  • 5-7 days


1. Line up 6 popsicle sticks 1 inch apart. Put a dot of glue 1 inch in on all six popsicle sticks on each end. Place 1 stick over each 1 inch space, on top of the dots of glue. Do this below the yard stick to make sure this line is 30 inches. If not, add as many sticks in the same pattern as necessary.

  • .Repeat 3 more separate times. (In the end you should have 4 separate popsicle stick lines.)
  • Let all 4 lines dry for 24 hours.

2. Take 2 of the lines you made the previous day and place them parallel to each other, 4 1/2 inches apart. (One is above the other.)

  • How to connect: grab a new stick and place a dot of glue on each end and place it straight up and down (each end on a different line, to connect them). Do this on the other end of the stick lines as well. Do this exact thing with the other two lines. In the end you will have two long rectangles.
  • Flip the 2 rectangles and repeat the step above on the other side
  • Optional: clip a paper clip on each corner of your rectangles to assure no movement while they dry. (4 total paper clips on each reactangle.)
  • Let the two rectangles dry for 24 hours

3. Unclip all paper clips after 24 hours of drying. Congratulations, you have (hopefully) just made the frames for the walls of your bridge.

4. Grab 1 rectangle and glue the ends of sticks in virticle triangle formations, filling up the side of your bridge.

  • Make sure they overlap at the top of the triangle and with the next one at the bottom.
  • Once all triangles are finished, take a new stick and put a dot of glue on each end and place it in the middle of the triangles you just made. (Make sure it overlaps with the top point of the triangle.) Only make these triangles on one side of your frames
  • Do this on the other frame/wall as well.
  • Let frames dry for 24 hours with the sides with the triangles facing upward.

5. Stand up both of the walls of your bridge so the side with the triangles is facing outwards. Place one empty water bottle every 7 1/2 inches in between the bridge walls.

  • Put a rubber band around the bridge on each side of every water bottle.
  • Top of the bridge: on top of the bridge — place a dot of glue on each end of a stick and make horizontal "X"'s across the top to connect the two bridge walls together. (Avoid the rubber bands, you will fill those in later).
  • Repeat the horrizontal triangles on the bottom of the bridge.
  • Put a dot on glue on each end of a stick and layer them over the part of the horizontal "X"'s that are on the top and bottom of the bridge.
  • Let this all dry for 24 hours.

6. Carefully. take off the rubber bands (easier way: cut them off). And take all water bottles put from the middle of the bridge.

  • Fill in the spaces where the water bottles and rubber bands were with sticks in the horrizontal "X" patter and layering over them on the top and bottom of your bridge.
  • Let dry for 24 hours.

7. Congratulations! Your bridge should be completed and standing on it's own! Feel free to layer anywhere more where I did not, to make it stronger.

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