Explore LT's First International Festival By: Paige Darling

On Nov. 9 LT hosted International Festival in the NC cafeteria to showcase the various cultures and communities in LT. This was the first year for the festival established by Fine Arts division chair, Paula Nardi said.

“We needed something that showcases our diversity and recognizes and celebrates all the different cultures in our community and school,” Nardi said.

Greek, East Asian, French, Latin, American Sign Language, German, and Art club all had tables with different symbols to represent them. Table activities include bracelet making with Greek club, coloring sugar skull with art club and eating croissants at French club among other things.

“I wanted to add an activity to the festival because it was such a great event,” Mary Rohlicek, art teacher, said. “Art is such a big part of everyone’s culture.”

From the LT community performers included Steppers, French club singing the French National Anthem, ASL signing the National Anthem and Greek club performing a traditional dance typically done at Greek weddings and parties.

Also present were outside participants with two hennas tattooists from Chicago and Tinley Park High School student performers. From Tinley Park there was an Irish dancer, a dance originating from the Phillipines called Tinkling and a Mexican Folkloric dance.

“Next year we’ll try to advertise better and get more people to come,” Nardi said.

Created By
Nina Shearrill


Paige Darling and Kaitlyn Joyner