Personality Technological Project By: Zach Heck

1.) Psychodynamic Perspective: defense mechanisms

Denial - refusal to accept a known truth in order to protect oneself from it

As shown above it it a fact that I failed the Chapter 5 FRQ but I am denying that it ever happened by blocking the percentage from sight.

Displacement - taking out frustrations, feelings, and impulses on people or less threatening objects.

Although work really stressed me out this day over break, instead of taking it out on the people there I was about to throw my phone.

Regression - reverting back to old habits or an earlier stage of development rather than handling the situation in a more mature manner.

With all the homework over break, and finals coming up I regressed to bighting my nails like a did as a child.

2.) Humanistic Perspective: hierarchy of needs

Physiological - the first part of the pyramid that includes the basic necessities of life such as breathing, food, water, sex sleep, homeostasis, and excretion.

Water is obviously a necessity in life and is why I drink it everyday no matter what.

Love/Belonging - One of the middle sections of the pyramid that involves friendship, family, and sexual intimacy and is needed in an individual's climb to self-actualization.

The guy standing next to me is my brother/best friend and without him I don't know what I would do with myself. He is needed for me to have the love/belonging part of the pyramid and to move up to esteem.

Self-actualization - the last step of the pyramid to achieving ones greatest potential. This step includes morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, and acceptance of facts.

Tasked with a scavenger hunt on the fist day of cooking class I was required to show that I knew how to fix problems around the kitchen and one of these problems was cleaning up spills. Due to the fact that I successfully accomplished this "problem" I achieved partial Self-actualization.

3.) Social Cognitive: reciprocal determinism

Reciprocal Determinism - Bandura's theory that a persons behavior both influences and is infleunced by personal factors and the social environment

Although I am usually I very happy guy, the gloomy weather outside dampened my mood and made the day less enjoyable.

My friends and family would most definitely classify me as a loose, easy going person but in this picture of me playing baseball clearly I am very serious. Due to the circumstances of the playoff game it is not a joke and the game has influenced my demeanor to be serious.

At home and at school most people would describe me as a calm guy but this circumstance was very different. When I went down to Wrigleyville that night the cubs won the World Series and I was the opposite of calm due to the environment. It was the craziest night of my life and my voice was nearly gone.

This short video was from a Florida Georgia Line concert I went to over the summer. I usually never sing out loud but due to the scenario and concert setting, I was belting it out all night.

4.) Locus of Control: intrinsic

Intrinsic - This locus of control is when they control their own fate. (Chance and outside forces do not determine fate)

Although the United Staes uses the Electoral college I believe that my vote matters in the state of Illinois so I dug out the voting sticker I received after voting on November 8th.

Knowing that my psychology final is approaching over break I reviewed some of the reading guides to better my chances of doing well on the final exam. I believe that hard work matters and through my hard work will come success on this final and later in life.

I believe in the saying practice makes perfect and I also believe practice is necessary to do well. Over the course of the baseball season my sophomore year we practiced our butts off and it eventually paid off when we won the sectional final.

5.) Learned Optimism

Learned Optimism - Cultivating positive expectations when seeing connections between one's efforts or outcomes

Before the holidays I was broke with no money but I remained optimistic because Christmas was coming up and I was scheduled to work 35 hours that upcoming week.

My sophomore season the baseball squad made it all the way to the super-sectionals to get knocked out by Oak Park River-Forest. Although it was a crushing loss I realized how much fun I had had up to that point with my brothers and since I was just a sophomore at this time there was always next year.

Calculus had never really been my subject and this is obvious based upon the grade I got on this worksheet above. The D- kind of stunk for my grade but I realized with enough hard work and studying I could get it back up fairly easy.

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