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​From a young boy HidNTrackz always had a passion for music. It started as little boy listening to his mother playing Prince as his father was looking for his Earth, Wind, & Fire. HidNTrackz excelled in sports and academics early on. It wasn't until later on in life did HidNTrackz realize he had a talent for music. He always knew he was paying attention to things, lyrically and sonically, that his counterparts had no clue about. After hearing one his friends being featured on a late night Hip Hop Freestyle show on college radio (UA), something clicked in him to where he thought hey maybe I can do this.

"I feel like I got a lot to offer to the game", says HidNTrackz. "You know when you got that song and at the end there's that hidden track. Well, that song may end up being better than the song that's featured!" It's this type of mentality that has pushed HidNTrackz to become the artist that he is. Combining a hard work ethic and a street smart business savvy, HidNTrackz has arrived full force and looking to take no prisoners.

My music, I feel, is totally different from other artist. I am able to find harmony by blending multiple genres into something else that is unique and not media driven -HidNtrackz
Club Nights with the bro Dee Payne
Show Prep with the homie DJ Twist-T


Current Album: "The Misconceptions Of Me"

New Album " Industry Standard"

Dropping May 19th

Behind the Scenes Footage


Venues Performed At

The Birmingham Public Library, Workplay, Zydeco, Royal Peacock (ATL), The University Of Alabama - Birmingham, Seven Lounge (Fairfield, AL), BOSS Ultra Lounge, Legends, Union EAV (ATL), Green Bar (Tuscaloosa, AL), Woodlawn Street Market, Club Cielo (Birmingham, AL), Syndicate Lounge (Birmingham, AL), Matthews Bar & Grill (Birmingham, AL), MusiqMall (Birmingham, AL), CD Baby Conference (Nashville, TN), M-Lounge (Birmingham, AL), Coconuts Bar & Grill (Norcross, GA)

Press & Reviews

Birmingham Public Library Public Relations Department
Summit Media Broadcasting (WAGG, 98.7 KISS FM, 95.7 Jamz)

Press & Reviews (Articles)



Created with images by Stelios Kazazis - "DJ Workstation", Epic Sight By KD - Kimberly Davis, White Light Photography & Film - HidNTrackz

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