Sloths by chris

There are two different types of sloths the Two Toed Sloth and Three Toed sloth. There slow animals thay slep alot. Thay swim fast like the fastist swimmer in the wold.

They are very hairy and very slow at climbing.

Sloths are endangered because their habitat has been cut dawn from wood cutters making something, so they have no-where to live.

baby sloth


Created with images by Pipsimv - "sloth animal lazy" • JohnnyLightning - "Hole In Box" • JohnnyLightning - "Baby Sloths with Animals" • marinakvillatoro - "Baby-sloth-at-rescue-center" • qmnonic - "baby two-toed" • JohnnyLightning - "Baby Sloths Aways Have Friends" • Frontierofficial - "This baby two-toed baby sloth was rescued on our Wildlife Sanctuary Project in Costa Rica. She is now recovering with lots of love and affection! #sloth #cute #babyanimals #cuteanimals #costarica #volunteer #wildlife"

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