Stock Market Investment Project Côme Luciat-Labry

Stage 1 Research

The way a stock market works is very simple. Someone has to buy a share in a company, a collection of those is called stocks. A dividend is the amount of money the company gives to the person who owns the shares, the dividend changes compared to how well the company is doing. Some examples of where we can do these exchanges are the New York stock exchange as well as the Tokyo stock exchange. A ticker symbol is a collection of 3 letters or numbers that can identify a company.A mutual fund is when many shareholders invest in a company that invests. This company is professionally, so people put their trust into those people. Every market is based on supply and demand. It starts with demand, people often want some products more than others, so people make those products more, so there is more supply, this is where supply meets demand. Supply and demand is important because, studying demand we can see what companies are going to have a high demand and so are going to do well. Investing in the stock market is a risky process, there are pros, you can win money, a lot of money in fact, but it comes with the risk of losing a lot too. In conclusion the stock market is a complex gamble.

Stage 3

As I am towards the top of the rankings iI could say that I am doing very well in overall terms. But both Carrefour and Proximus are under by 3%. At%t I believe is because of the launching of their new DirectTV which did not fare too well. But for proximus I can only assume that since the sale of the Iphone 7 people aren't buying as much phones. For carrefour it is because they are reopening many shops all over France and Belgium and it is a success. In fact, that rise of Carrefour was stronger than the downfall of the other 2. I didn't make any changes because I hoped that my stocks would go up. I would not like to change anything

Stage 4

My portfolio was made up of 3 companies, Carrefour, Proximus, and AT&T. The best was definitely Carrefour because I bought it at a very low price and then it raised very quickly and stayed there. On the other hand, AT&T I bought at a very high price and it continually went down through the months. Even after all this, all of my companies ended up being negative in value. I don't really understand the problem with AT&T but I can tell that Carrefour is doing well because of the recent reforms in french business rules about pricing. I would definitely invest in the same stocks because I think it is important to understand how well and how badly your stocks can go. During this project I learned a lot about the stock market. But mostly I learned there is no surefire way to win, and that no matter how much we analyze the situation we can’t predict fore sure how the stocks are going to go.


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