Natural Sciences The Difficulties of Science

Alexandre Ait-Ettajer

Divya Rath, Katya Herbert

AOK Badge: Natural Science



Science as an area of knowledge is a way of thinking more than it is a set body of facts and knowledge, as science drives to lead people to discover new facts and understand the world. We see this through the text written by Firestein, “Ignorance: How it drives Science.” When teaching his classes in university, Firestein believed in advocating for having his sessions where students would reflect on what is not known than going over things that are known. This is because he saw that learning past information would only reinforce previous and confirmed knowledge and not aid in growing the AOK of science. When learning past knowledge it is more important to stimulate learning new stuff that has yet to be discovered. These sessions of ignorance by Firestein provides the means to discover what is unknown and yet to be discovered. This leads to thinking as existing theories as just guidelines to expanding knowledge and seeing the world around us in a different light. Instead of thinking as Science as an existing body of facts you must think of is as a guide and a way of thinking to discover what has yet to be discovered. A knower must use science to further their knowledge of the world not to reinforce what is already known. Science is a developing entity and does not stay stagnant.


Journal 1

Though having missed one class was a major drawback in learning about Natural Science, I believe I can bounce back with my group. I have a group of people that are all smart and dedicated and believe in what we will be doing. The only thing that I am scared about is that all of us may be smart, but we all procrastinate a lot so hopefully we can get things done beforehand.

We started the day off by getting into our groups, Divya and Katya. We took the quiz, which I passed with a 90%, I missed one of the questions that had two answers and only put one. Other than that the quiz was quite easy. While waiting for the rest of my group to pass the retake, Divya and I tried to formulate our question based on the Textbook and TOK Badges Documents. We haven't gotten anywhere but we definitely want to talk about the flaws in sight and how this affects our world.

I've done one of my Elected Readings:

The first being "Ignorance: How it drives Science." This section has inspired me and the way I view the world around me. There are so many hidden gems everything that I see. But what really got me thinking is how I perceive the world differently than it actually is. How science actually changes everywhere around me.

Journal 2

Our group has not made any progress in our paragraphs and this is our last day to complete it. I have not lost faith in my group members, I feel that they are all capable of doing good work. The problem is that we can not agree on what we all want to do. We're all proud about our ideas and believe that our ideas are the most important. Though this back and forth is good for planning, we're not actually progressing and making anything.

What do we have to do?

So what we have to do is finalize the paragraph question that we want to answer and come up with how to do it. Though I don’t know what we are going to do I believe that this can all be accomplished if we work through the whole of the class period. We must not get off task and there must be a system for keeping everyone on track keeping them focused.

What did you learn?

I learned that these people are great but we are unproductive with creating a project. We can not get into any sort of agreement about what we want to do, I believe this is so because we all are perfectionists and can’t just settle on the second best option that we created, it always has to be better. But I do have an idea, what if we were to get them some sort of food or liquid to eat or drink that is in the shape of or has some sort of disgusting label to it. But the product would be fine to ingest and there would be no harmful substance in them.

Extension Proposal

Should knowledge be used for the public?

This presentation should be added as a resource because it explains very well the specificities of how our lives are limited in many aspects. It is related to the TED talk that I listened to. It taught me that my knowledge of the world is not the truth and I need to spend as much time as I can to open my horizons.

Personally I have been struggling with accepting life around me. So to hear from people that understand me in the smallest way was very moving for me. I really enjoyed this experience. I hope to be able to enjoy life more from now on.

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