Harn Story By: Hunter Williams

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This particular picture grabbed my attention because of the reflecting technique used by the artist. I began to reflect upon my own life while analyzing this picture. The artist made me think about my life's own meaning during this reflection period.

Design of the Museum

This particular section of the museum sparked my interest because of the way the statue was presented. The statue was stationed directly in the center of the room and was the first piece of art any visitor of the museum would notice. This use of space was rather interesting because it was the only work of art in a very large area. This exhibit almost made me feel anxious. I am the type of person who likes to use all the space available to me and to see an area so empty in space made me feel irritable.

Art and Core Values

This art, labeled "Day of the Dead figures" evoked my fear of death. The sight of even a fake skeleton person makes me think about life and how our time on earth is very limited. It makes me feel as if I should really take the opportunity to explore the gifts life has provided me. It helps me further cherish the gift of life.

Art and the Good Life

This art helped me understand injustices in society, particularly how women's art is less popular than male's. There is injustice and inequality in the world today and it should be recognized. Women are degraded just because of their gender and this should change.

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