The Great Gatsby By: Zach, Elle, and Isaac

When Nick Callaway moves to West Egg, he learns of one of many love controversies between the upper class and lower class.

Nick gets an invite from Daisy, his second cousin once removed, to come and join them at their house for lunch. At Daisy's house he meets her husband Tom, and Daisy's friend Jordan Baker. Jordan is a professional golfer, and throughout the story Nick and Jordan develop a love interest with each other. At Tom and Daisy's house Jordan mentions Jay Gatsby's parties. Nick has no idea who Jay Gatsby is. Jordan tells Nick that must attend a Gatsby party, because of how lavish they are, and plainly because Gatsby is his neighbor. Meanwhile, Tom has stepped out to take a call from his mistress, Myrtle Wilson.

Between West Egg and New York City is a little valley where New York's ashes are dumped. This gives the valley it's name of the Valley of Ashes. In the Valley stands a large billboard, the billboard has a picture of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg. This billboard is said to watch over everything that happens in the Valley of Ashes. One day Tom and Nick were on the train going to town, when Tom made Nick get off and go to George Wilson's garage. Tom and Nick pick up Myrtle and they go to New York City. They head to Morningside Apartments where Tom has his affair. While in New York Tom buys Myrtle a dog, and Myrtle never tells Wilson about it. They meet up with Myrtle's sister, Catherine, and also the McKees. Catherine informs Nick that she has heard through the grapevine that Gatsby is related to Kaiser Wilhelm, the leader of Germany during WWI. Nick gets drunk for only the second time in his life at this party, with the McKees, Tom and Myrtle, and Catherine. Later, Myrtle starts chanting Daisy's name and Tom gets angry and hits Myrtle in the face and breaks her nose.

Nick gets an invite to the party that Jay Gatsby is throwing. Nick has heard lavish things from Jordan. He decides to attend Gatsby's party. When Nick arrives at the party Nick finds Jordan and asks her where Gatsby is. Jordan tells him that Gatsby rarely shows at his own parties. Jordan's friends, Lucille, tells Nick that she thinks that Gatsby is a German spy, and that he attended Oxford University. Tom and Daisy find Nick and Jordan at the party. They all head to the library in Gatsby's house. At midnight Jordan and Nick go outside to watch the entertainment of the night, and run into a man that says Nick looks familiar. They come to the conclusion that they were in the same division in the war. Nick asks for his name and he replies with Jay Gatsby. Gatsby has a habit of calling people "old sport". Owl Eyes and another man get out of his wrecked car in the ditch, and Nick can clearly see that they were drunk. Nick begins seeing Jordan romantically. Nick knows that Jordan is not the most honest person.

"Gatsby, who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn"-- Nick Carraway

Nick describes a time when he and Gatsby went to lunch in New York. Along the trip Gatsby tells Nick all about him, and his past. Jay tells Nick that he was from a wealthy family in the Midwest. Gatsby continues to tell Nick about his accomplishments and as he sees the skepticism come across Nicks face he proves it with a medal from Montenegro, and a photo of him playing Cricket at Oxford. When entering New York, a police officer pulls Gatsby over for speeding, however, Gatsby gets out of it by showing him a white card. The policeman apologizes. Nick meets Meyer Wolfsheim, the man behind the fixing of the 1919 World Series. Nick later sees Jordan and she tells him the details of her meeting with Gatsby. She says that he is in love with Daisy. Gatsby proclaims, that he bought his house in West Egg to be close to Daisy. Jordan tells Nick that Gatsby wants him to arrange a meeting with her to drink tea. Gatsby is afraid to see her.

Nick sees Gatsby after his date with Jordan. He tells him that he would be happy to host the tea party. Gatsby is thrilled and offers to have someone come mow Nick's lawn. Gatsby offers to let Nick in on some side business that does not involve Meyer Wolfsheim, but Nick is a tad offended that Gatsby would offer to pay him to set the meeting up. It's rainy on the day that Daisy is supposed to come over for tea. If Daisy wasn't there by 4 o'clock then Gatsby was going to leave. Suddenly a knock at the door startles them and Nick goes and answers the door. When Nick opens the door he sees that it is Daisy. When Nick brings Daisy to the living room he sees that Gatsby disappeared. Gatsby enters the house after sneaking out around the house. Throughout the encountering it was awkward and then as it progressed it got less awkward. Nick goes to make tea, and returns in a half-hour to find them extremely happy. After the rain ceased they head to Gatsby's house. He begins to show them all of his possessions. When they get to his room he shows her his extensive collection of English shirts. Daisy begins to cry, because she starts to think about their future happiness. Gatsby calls Klipspringer the pianist to play for them. They forget that Nick is there and so he quietly gets up and leaves.

Later a reporter comes to West Egg to interview Gatsby, however, finds Nick instead and interviews him. Nick tells the reporter that Gatsby's real name is Jay Gatz. He was born in North Dakota, and attended St. Olaf's college in Minnesota. He shortly later dropped out because of the embarrassing janitorial work he had to do. The next summer he worked at Lake Superior, and one day saw a yacht owned by Dan Cody. He rowed out to the yacht to warn him of a incoming storm. Cody gave Gatsby a job as his assistant. When Cody died he left Gatsby with $25,000, however, Cody's mistress prevented him from collecting his inheritance. When Nick goes to Gatsby's house one afternoon he finds Tom there along with the Sloanes and Gatsby tells Tom that he knows Daisy. He invites them to supper with him. The Sloanes and Tom tell him no but, he can go to supper with them. Tom is suspicious of Daisy and Gatsby. Later that week Tom and Daisy go to Gatsby's house for a party, however, Tom upsets Daisy by telling her that Gatsby's wealth is from bootlegging. Daisy yells back at Tom and tells him that it is from a chain of drugstores. Gatsby wants Daisy to leave Tom, and come back to the way things were when they were in Louisville. Tom tells him that the past cannot be recreated. Nick reminisces about the first time Gatsby kissed Daisy and realizes that Gatsby's dream is over.

NGatsby stops throwing parties and fires all of his servants. He replaces them with shady figures with connections to Meyer Wolfsheim. Nick goes to lunch at Tom and Daisy's and finds Gatsby and Jordan Baker there as well. When Daisy's nurse brings in her daughter Pammy, Gatsby is surprised to see that she is real. Daisy suggest that they all go to the city together and Tom becomes certain of their love for one another. Tom then agrees to go to town. Tom, Nick, and Jordan all go in Gatsby's yellow car while Daisy and Gatsby take Tom's blue car to the city. When they arrive they go to the Plaza Hotel and take the suite. Tom starts his confrontation with Gatsby, by mocking his habit of using the phrase "old sport". Tom asked Gatsby about his intentions with Daisy. Gatsby replies with telling him that Daisy never loved him. Tom says that Gatsby is wrong and that Daisy never loved Gatsby. Daisy is upset, and jumps into the conversation and tells Tom and Gatsby that she has loved them both at one time. Tom sends Daisy and Gatsby back to Long Island to prove that Gatsby can't hurt him. Nick remembers that today is his thirtieth birthday. On their way back Tom, Nick, and Jordan find out that someone has hit Myrtle with their car. Nick is the first to make the connection, and realizes that Gatsby and Daisy must have been the ones to hit Myrtle in the yellow car. He also thinks Wilson will remember the yellow car. Back at Tom's house, Tom calls a taxi for Nick, and Nick finds Gatsby in the bushes and Gatsby explains that he is waiting to see if Tom hurts Daisy. Gatsby reveals that it was Daisy driving the car, but he will take the blame.

Nick goes to Gatsby's house and has breakfast with him. Gatsby tells Nick that he stayed at the Buchanan's till 4 o'clock a.m. Nick tells Gatsby he should leave Long Island for awhile, till things blow over, and until the investigators find out it was him. Gatsby reveals that Daisy said that she would wait for him till after the war, but married Tom instead because of her social position and he had her parents approval. The gardener asks Gatsby if he could drain the pool because he said he would swim in it one time before summer came to an end. Nick tells Gatsby that he is worth more than the Buchanans and all of their friends. Nick explains the story of how Wilson stayed up all night talking about Myrtle. He says that Wilson confronted Myrtle about her affair. The eyes of T.J. Eckleburg serve as the eyes of God to Wilson. Wilson finds Tom and demands to know the owner of the yellow car. Tom tells him that Gatsby is the owner of the car. Wilson leaves and heads to Gatsby's house. When he arrives he finds Gatsby in his pool on an air mattress. Distraught Wilson shoots Gatsby and then kills himself. Nick finds Gatsby dead in the pool, and remembers his life with Daisy is now over.

Two years after the murder Nick writes about the funeral, and explains all the complications that were a part of planning it. He contacted all of Gatsby's former acquaintances and friends but, all refuse to come. For instance Meyer Wolfsheim only wants Nick to mail his tennis shoes back to him. The only people to attend the funeral were Nick, Owl Eyes, a few servants and Henry C. Gatz. He explains that a few days before the funeral Gatsby's father comes to Gatsby's house while Nick is there. Nick answers the door to find Gatsby's father there. He said he heard about Gatsby's death in the newspaper. Gatsby's father is very proud of him and keeps a picture and shows Nick a book about Gatsby's childhood. Nick decides to move back to the midwest, breaks off his relationship with Jordan and finds out that she was engaged to another man. Nick sees Tom on Fifth Avenue in New York City before he leaves. Tom explains how he told Wilson about Gatsby, and basically tells Wilson that Gatsby is responsible for Myrtle's death. Nick comes to the conclusion that Tom and Daisy are careless people. He knows that their money will shield them from anything that ones their way. His last night in West Egg Nick goes to the beach behind Gatsby's house and erases a word someone has written on his step. He then goes and lays down on the beach. Gatsby's money and wealth closely resembled the American dream.


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