How did Iroquois theater impact the change in fire safety laws? By Destine torres

The fir that happened is the year of 1903 in Chicago the actnoon only one person had jail time for same weirdo reason. More that 600 people died in 15 minutes

Carl Prinzler was supposed to be in the audience that day. However, other business dealings called him elsewhere. In this era it was common for theatres and the like to lock interior and exterior doors to prevent non-paying persons from entering. This also inhibited persons on the inside from exiting."this evidence explaining how the Carl support to be something but he did not make it.

The action on the carl is that he did not now about the fire and it was the usher ran off and there was only 2 out of a lot of doors that were not unlocked but a lot of people did not live.There are more new laws because of the Iroquois theater fire. Yet some good came out of this tragedy for the performance of the fire.

In a conclusion lastly if the Iroquois theater fire did not happen the stands will not be change by putting the theater sets will not be fired today.

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