Stephen Palumbo's Portfolio Junior 16-17

Client Project #1

I redesigned the information sheet for Serra High School. It was originally a boring information sheet that was not aligned properly and did not catch the audience. The program I used was Illustrator. I first typed out all the information and then aligned it without adding any detail. Then I thought about how I would like to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. I learned that even just lining the words up can make the biggest difference. For this project, I felt more obligated to make the project look more appealing than what the original design looked like.

Client Project #2

For my second client project I had to design dance tickets for De Portola Middle School's Valentine's Day dance. I used Illustrator to design the dance tickets. I first wrote out all the information that was required, then I tried to find a way on how I could make it look fun and playful as instructed by the client. Finally I wanted to incorporate in some on how to add hearts since it's theme was Valentine's Day. This project was hard because the client wanted it to look playful and fun but asked for it to be in black and white. That was difficult because one main thing that makes something fun is by adding bright colors. The best thing I could think of would to be to add a funky font that would catch the audience's eye.

Tracing of Hunter's Face

This was probably one of my favorite things I did this entire year. So I started brainstorming on what I would like trace because I really wanted to do something creative. I wanted to do a tracing of a human face but I couldn't find anything, so I decided to take a funny picture of my friend Hunter and trace that. I used Illustrator to make my design. I used the pen tool for the whole project. I started tracing the lower part and then moved up the face and finished off with the hair. The hair took the longest out of everything I had to trace. During this project I learned how to make curves smoother with the pen tool, when I first started using the pen tool last year my biggest struggle was curves. Another thing I learned when tracing Hunter's face was that the smallest details can make the biggest differences. For example, the detail in the hair really made difference whereas if it wasn't included.

Hand Drawing

I have never been the best at drawing so I decided to learn threw a tutorial book. I drew this hand after about twenty other drawings. I first started with the arm and then moved onto the hand/ fingers. I originally made two drafts and then this was my final draft just to make sure I nailed down the major details correctly. For the program I just used a drawing tutorial book and a piece of printer paper. I learned that adding shadows can make a big difference with giving a drawing a 3D aspect or just for adding that bit of extra detail that makes the drawing that much better. Another thing I learned is that when your doing a complicated drawing, you have to take it nice and slowly because the more precise you are, the better the product will be in the end.

Crystal Text Effect

Text effects were probably the most things I designed most the whole year but out of all of them there were only a few that I really liked. This one was designed in about two days. I first started by installing a font that was recommended for this text effect. After that I made three layers, then I used the instructions to put in the effects that were listed. I used Photoshop to make this text effect. I learned that if you mess up one number or setting it can change the look of the entire text effect.

Elephant Tracing

This was the first tracing I made, I wanted to start off with something easy but at the same time it had to be something cool to look at in the end. So I first started off by making two layers, one layer with the image and the other for tracing it. Then I started with just doing the border and then went in and added extra detail inside the elephant. I used illustrator to design this project. I learned that for tracing certain things less detail is better because you can clearly tell this is an elephant but in the tracing of Hunter's face more detail was necessary because there was detail that had to be included to express the emotions. Overall it has to do with what the image is and if its necessary to add certain pieces of the image.

3D Text Effect

This was the first 3D text effect I made. After making several of text effects, I wanted to challenge myself by making something in 3D, so I first installed the recommended font and then made two layers. After that, I put in the effects for the first two layers, then I started making the 3D effects by going into a bunch a new settings that were just meant for 3D. After I put in the settings I had to "export" it, which pretty much cleaned up the edges. It did, however, take a long time because there was so much detail. I used Photoshop to design this text effect. When designing this text effect I learned that 3D can be a pain to make because the whole process was very long. But one thing that I actually learned is that gray, white, and black may be boring colors but can look really cool when combined properly and effectively.


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