Senator Football Summer 2017 Building the Band of Brothers

First and foremost, we are excited for another year of Senator Football! Please feel free to share this document with any stakeholders involved in our team.

There will be a parent meeting May 30th @ 7:30 pm at Keller Field to discuss the elements of this presentation, and to answer any questions you might have. Please come, while your sons work out in the weight room.

Varsity Camp will be June 26th - 28th at Logan High School in Logan, Utah. In the camp we will be competing with successful schools such as: Logan High, Burley, Ben Lomond, Green Canyon, and Box Elder. The cost of the camp is $175.00, which covers room, travel, and food for the trip. We will stay in the dorms at Utah State University and eat at USU's catering service, "The Junction".

This camp has been one of the most important pieces in securing 4 State Trophies in the last 5 years! It allows the entire staff to work with these boys, all while the team comes together as a Band of Brothers. Money for the camp needs to be turned in to Coach Andersen preferably by June 24th, but must be turned in by the time we leave for camp on the Morning of June 26th.

Due to the large amounts of Juniors and Seniors this year, we will only be taking select Sophomores and no Freshman to camp this year. We would love to take all of the Sophomores, but have many factors that come into play that will prevent that. We have to make sure that every kid gets a decent amount of reps during our limited padded window. If you take too many boys at one position, then no one gets many reps and development is hurt. The Sophomores that will be going to varsity camp in Logan will be chosen off the following criteria: 1. Depth at that position to maximize reps: the Juniors and Seniors will be given first opportunity at camp spots, then the depth chart will go from there. 2. Physical development: the varsity game is a completely different animal, and we have to safely place these boys where they are currently physically suited. 3. Last year's game footage/early summer workouts and coach evaluation by position: After spring state competitions we will begin regular weight sessions and install (seen on the attached calendar) where kids can show improvement from last season. ALL KIDS WILL GET A CHANCE TO COMPETE FOR VARSITY SPOTS WHEN PRACTICE STARTS IN THE FALL, camp has to be treated differently.

The website for the spirit pack order, as always, will be open 3 times between now and the football season. There are only three pieces of the spirit pack that are mandatory: shirt (any of the shirt options), shorts, and girdle; please purchase these items so that we may practice and look like a unified team. There are many items in the spirit pack, but those are requested by people and are not mandatory to buy. The first date will open Tuesday May 16th, and will close on June 4th. This date is for if you want your gear before varsity camp. The next date will be July 9th to receive gear for the JV camp, and the final date will be August 13th for gear for the season. We have a section in there for parents as well this year with polos, jackets, etc... items that have been requested in the past. The website is once again:

This link below will take you straight to the spirit pack website

JV Camp will once again be held in Gooding, with the final 2 days being at Canyon Ridge High School. JV camp is free, and will be held at GHS at 6:30 p.m. beginning on Monday July 17th - July 27th. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday the 25th will be at GHS, and Tuesday the 26th - Wednesday the 27th will be held at Canyon Ridge High School. It is a great opportunity to introduce our boys to our schemes and philosophy, and get to know the kids for another great season to come.
There will be 7 on 7 throughout the month of July. These are on every Monday and Thursday night @ Canyon Ridge High School beginning July 10th. This is for Varsity and JV skills position players. Instead of the Spud Bowl this year, we will be attending an Eastern Idaho 7 on 7 @ ISU on July 13th, this is Varsity only, and the kids will be responsible for travel. The offensive and defensive lines will remain in Gooding with coaches to continue to improve their craft led by Coach Pavkov. The exact dates can be seen on the summer calendar on the Senator Football Facebook page and attached below.
The summer workout schedule. A calendar will be available to view on the Senator Football Facebook page and is attached below. We will have weight/speed and agility/fundamental training almost every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night at the weight room and practice field starting at 7:00 pm throughout the ENTIRE summer. The weight room will also be open Monday - Thursday at 7:00 am and Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm for weights only. Senators from the 6th - 12th grade are encouraged to come to increase in these areas. This is where we become better; a full weight room equals success in the fall. Please encourage your student athletes to come to as many of these as possible to prepare their bodies for a physically taxing season and give them the best chance to compete in the fall.

Sports physical night has gone through a change! See the attached flyer for Sports physical night with all proceeds coming back to the high school. It is at the hospital this year to help expedite service! Spread the word! Remember, physicals are MANDATORY every season!

This is our Senior selected motto for this season!!!
Some great games this season, at some great places!

Don't forget to sign up for team text alerts! This is for incoming JV and Varsity players and parents. Follow the instructions below:

The Southern Idaho Showcase Camp: This camp is for Juniors (2018) and Seniors (2019) only. Camper must also have aspirations and ability to play at the NAIA or Division 3 level. See information on the flyer below.

Finally, the summer calendar. All dates and times are subject to change, so please sign up for text alerts or like the Senator Football Facebook page for updates.





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