Lino cut print Allison Reed

For this project we had to choose an endangered species and carve a linoleum print, and make at least 10 successful prints, to show our progress.
I knew that I wanted to try and do an equine of some kind and I was (sad for the species but) excited that the Przewalski's horse is endangered! I've always loved horses and I'm glad that I was able to carve one, but i do hope that some day, humans wont cause so much destruction to wildlife.
I started off with a bunch of sketches and once i got down to two ideas i decided "why not do both?" so I created a mini version of one sketch and the normal one of the other. It took me a really long time to get the inking right but in the end I think that I did an okay job.

Overall, I really liked this project. I definitely have more to improve with, like my steadiness of my hands, evenly spacing out ink, making sure that my design isn't too cluttered with details and keeping an open mind to things, but this is what art is about, learning and improving and mainly just doing what you love. I would grade myself down to an average B because no one is ever perfect.


Created with images by MAKY_OREL - "przewalski's horse mare head" • MAKY_OREL - "przewalski's horse mare head"

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