Air cannon P3T4 Michael Ashback

We started working on our cannon on November 14, 2016 and in that day we measured and cut our pvc pipes on the miter saw. At the time we didn't have our barrel support completely designed and cut out like we were supposed to, so we were very behind schedule..

Jose cutting a pvc pipe on the miter saw

After we cut out and assembled our cannon as much as we could at the time, we went back to finish the barrel support. At first we decided on a very light weight and wood conserving design, that we later decided would be too weak to support the barrel.

First barrel support design

After realizing our design was inadequate for our cannon, we decided to change our design. We decided to cut out two braces that slide onto the barrel and the air tank, and two plates that connect to the braces together. We then designed a few mounts that we will use to mount the cannon onto our base.

Barrel braces and plates( barrel support system).
Cannon mounts.

Our base design was very simple yet very complex. We cut out a total of four rings on the shop bot. We cut out one 17" ring with the width of 1", one 17" ring with the width of 2", one 17" disc, and a 15" ring. We glued the 17" disc with the 1" wide 17" ring, and the 15" ring with the 2" wide 17" ring using clamps to hold them together. After the glue dried, we sanded them with the hand sanders particularly in areas with ring on ring contact so it will allow the rings to slide smoothly.

Cannon Base design on Onshape
Base being cut out on shop bot

After finishing the base, we moved to assembling our cannon starting with putting the barrel support system on. While doing so, our air tank was knocked off the table and snapped, therefore we needed to rebuild one.

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