Upton Services jOSHUA UPTON

I came up with my business because I was tired of looking at the messy lawns so I walked up to my neighbor and simply said,”can i mow your lawn”. Also I can make a profit out of it.

Again mainly the fact that the messy lawns bothered me. I admire those who go out there trying to make a profit as kids to buy stuff that they have been wanting and maybe save up for something in the future.

My father pushes and my mother pushes to work my best and gives me advice on my business. I am very thankful for my brother who is a co worker with me to make the jobs easier.

I love to be outside doing something. If that means a back breaking chore such as lawn mowing, by all means. I am pushed and driven by the thought of getting around on my own money, able to buy stuff on my own, and not be in debt to parents from spending.

Here at Upton Services we love all our customers. But we are a local business so we do prefer to serve customers that live next to us, the Upton’s, or at least be near by.

We charge almost half the price of normal contractors! We charge half the price of leading contractors and have twice the quality of the work! For example, normal contractors charge at least $50 or more for just mowing the lawn while Upton Services charges only $30 for just mowing the lawn.

People will purchase my services rather than contractors because I am their friendly neighbor they have known for longer than some random man riding on a loud lawn mower. For one, they have more trust in me. They also are able to contact me when ever because I am living right next to them! Let me ask you this; would you rather have a friend that you trust will get the job done do something for you or would you prefer to buy from a random person that you have never met? In this case contractors are the random people and Upton Services is the good friend. I think I would choose Upton Services, wouldn’t you?

Our company's mission is to make stress go away and make lawn and cars look good at the same time.

Very low prices and high efficiency and friendship are what makes my business unique from anyone else.

My prices are the most affordable in town! Lawn mowing is $30 and an additional $10 for edging, blowing, and backyard. Car washing on the outside is only $15 and inside is an additional $10!

I will give back by donating 10% of the money made to my church

I will donate 10% of the money made to my church. A good advertisement hook maybe to let the first lawn mow be free if u sign a 6 month contract.

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