Black Circle Radio All-Vinyl Radio Programming since 2009

Black Circle Radio is a music based, multi-genre radio program that provides it's listeners with a radio experience modeled after the great DJs who were spinning before the digital era. The programming relates moods, seasons, and emotion to the constantly changing, weekly all-vinyl playlists. Black Circle Radio conveys through radio the feeling of being with close friends where together you spend hours exploring, discovering, sharing a vast, hand picked record collection. B.C.R features a group of eclectic hosts, inspiring guests, musicians and bands releasing their music on vinyl, and lots and lots of music packed into a tightly clocked two hour time slot. This show is for the hardworking music lover who knows when they need to put their feet up and let vinyl takeover.

Programming Statement of Intent

Much like their fluidity from one generation to the next, a record spins on, track to track, baring intermittent snaps, crackles, and pops. Vinyl demands intention, perusing the shelf for one to match your mood; demands touch, pulling it from the sleeve, placing it on the turntable; demands connection, passing it along, one pair of hands to the next. Vinyl demands to be reached for and to reach you—music always does, doesn’t it? —carrying you to the first time you heard a record and who was by your side. This program bridges the gap between past and present through music, the people who create it, and those of us who listen. If you’re looking for somewhere to go, then by all means, welcome to the sound of your escape.

Mitch Anderson - Host/Founder Bio

Mitch-a-Palooza proudly showcasing his favorite record and analog recording equipment.

Mitch Anderson is a radio disc jockey, vinyl record nut, vintage gear enthusiast, engineer, and someone who likes to play loud rock 'n' roll in his free time. He is married to his college sweetheart and co-host Debra Warren otherwise known as "DJ Crinkle" and they have one son named Levon, aka "DJ Wiggles".

The BCR Family featuring Mitch-A-Palooza, DJ Crinkle, Roclo, DJ Wiggles and Todd 'Behind the Board'.

He has been the voice behind the all-vinyl radio program, Black Circle Radio since 2009. The program received recognition by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters for original radio programming during his college years at Central Michigan University where he majored in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts.

Broadcasting live from Black Circle Studios

Black Circle Radio is live on Monday nights on Muskegon 100.9 WFFR-LP out of his hometown of Muskegon, Michigan. It is also live every Wednesday morning from his home studio which he broadcasts on the online radio station SoR Radio that he co-owns with a group of his university professors.

Muskegon 100.9 WFFR-LP is a 100-watt, non-commercial FM station in Muskegon, Michigan.
SoR Radio is an online radio station that Black Circle Radio has been a co-owner of since 2012.

Before pursuing his independent radio career full-time Mitch worked for an Amazon owned company called Brilliance Audio where he recorded, directed, mixed, and mastered audiobooks and podcasts. This is where he logged many, many hours working almost exclusively in mono voice recording. This helped to train his ear to know the importance of quality, analog equipment in a voice over chain.

Mitch along with a small group of colleagues own a mid 1950's Rek-O-Kut, mono, all-tube record lathe that has been completely refurbished, as well as given a diamond tip needle which enables hand cut records direct to the vinyl medium. This is used to create the vinyl donor spots that are heard during the live broadcasts. Black Circle Radio takes the "all-vinyl" approach very seriously!


Our website is constantly being updated to meet the needs of new sponsorships and programming.

Black Circle Radio - Hour One
Black Circle Radio - Hour Two

We have provided an example of what a syndicated program would look like when delivered to your station via the PRX Exchange and have also included an example clock of 2 hours of programming.

All past programs can be found on Mixcloud.

"How Was that Not a Hit?"

This video series was created to showcase simply amazing music found in the Black Circle Radio record collection that never got it's 15 minutes of fame. It was sponsored by six different vinyl record industry leading brands.

Black Circle Radio Endorsements

Black Circle Radio uses Peluso Microphones for all of their voice-over work.


Warm Audio makes professional recording studio equipment that we love.


In 2018 we conducted many interviews and spoke on a panel discussion titled, "The Importance of Crate Diggers" which can be viewed on our Facebook page.


Vinyl Me, Please is a vinyl record of the month club with over 30,000 members world-wide. We have worked on many projects with them over the past 4 years.


Twelve Inch is a Danish Designed vinyl record display product used for showcasing your vinyl record jackets on your walls using magnets. They sponsor Black Circle Radio programming.


Black Circle Radio Supporters and Sponsors


















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Mitch Anderson

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