Nationalism in France Mid 1800s

This picture shows the Revolution of France during the 1830s and it showcases the citizens of France killing French troops.

This was important to French citizens at that time because the king at that time who was Charles X tried to rule as an absolute monarch. The citizens revolted and controlled Paris within days, resulting in the moderate liberal,Louis Phillippe, becoming king of France.

Revolution of 1848

The Revolution of 1848 was important to the people of France because it showed the breakdowns of a liberal king turning into a monarch. During Louis Phillippe's reign, the hard working people grew poorer, and middle classes became more prosperous. Economic depression hit France's economy and the population declined. Revolution began when a banquet planned by reformers was banned. When Louis heard news of the Revolution, he quickly resigned from his position, and the new leader was Napoleon's nephew, Napoleon III

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