Short Film Concept "Why Golf?"

The scene opens with a stunning morning vista of a Hong Kong golf course.

Voiceover: "To me, golf is freedom..."

Cut away in rapid succession to other day shots of courses in Hong Kong.

"No other sport gives you such breadth of scenery."

"There are no walls, no boundaries."

"When I golf, I am free."

Cut to a young golfer taking his/her first lesson.

The young golfer answers why he wanted to start learning how to golf.

As he continues to speak, we cut to an adult also learning how to golf.

Voiceover, same voice from earlier: "People start to golf for many reasons."

"But most stay for the joy of getting that perfect strike and knowing that the ball is going where you want it to go."
"Achieving a hole-in-one."

Cut to black.

On screen: Take your first swing.

Created By
Yuse Lajiminmuhip


Created with images by 422737 - "golf sunset sport" • KRam - "sunset ponte vedra beach" • tpsdave - "ross bridge golf course golfing sports" • D-Stanley - "Lord Howe Golf Course" • 27707 - "golf swing golfer swinging" • Fort Meade - "Professionals take time to teach young golfers" • familymwr - "Bond and Wilson" • Forsaken Fotos - "Golf Course" • Pexels - "vacation cup field"

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