TudorM Pedants for mum's project-painting of river danube on 1km long canvaS

I have created these pedants as a way of raising funds to help my mum finish her art project, she is 72 and amazing! By buying one of my pedants, you will be helping her with cost of finilising her dream project. Watched the video below to see her and her painting. Thank you for stopping by. Tudor M 2017

Hand made by Magda Tudor

Email me your chosen pedant number and wait for confirmation before making payments to avoid disapointments (making sure it's still available) hvaruk@aol.com

Hand made pedants

Materials used:

Silver plated wire

Glass&Foil beads

Sea glass from Adriatic Sea (island Hvar,Croatia)


Green sea glass #1

$8.88 🔹£7 🔹€10.30

White sea glass #2


Sea glass #3


White sea glass #4

Sea pebbles


Sea pebble #4


Amazonite #5

$12.50🔹£10🔹€12 SOLD 💙 THANK YOU

Amazonite & Pink Quartz #6


Amazonite #7


Amazonite #8


Amazonite #9


SOLD $12.50🔹£10🔹€12

Purple&Green quartz #9


Brown Quartz #10

Red & blue coral


Corals #11


Corals & sea glass #12

$8.88🔹£7🔹€10.30 SOLD 💙 THANK YOU

Glass & Foil #13


Rose quartz #14


White sea glass #15


Sea pebble Adriatic #16


Sea pebble/tile North Africa coast #17


Sea pebble/tile from North Africa coast #18


Sea glass green Adriatic #19


Sea glass green, Adriatic #20


Sea glass gray/dark green, Adriatic #21

Created By
Magda Tudor

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