From Beginner to Best how to become a soccer shocker! By: Max Kerr

Step 1: Play with confidence. When you are trying out for a soccer team, the trainers will be looking for a great soccer player. Great soccer players play fluently and neat. You don't want to get nervous and just kick the ball away when you get it.

Step 2: Don't keep looking at the trainers. When you keep looking at the trainers, they will get the feeling that you are nervous. When they think you are nervous it will be harder to make the team because they want everyone not to be nervous.

Step 3: Play as hard as you possibly can. You want to put all your energy into this tryout. You want to show everyone how good you actually are. You don't want to leave any energy behind. The coaches will see you playing hard and it will definitely give you a better chance of making the team.

Step 5: Don't pass the ball too much, but don't be a ball hog. You don't want too pass the ball that much during the tryouts. The more the other people have the ball, the less time you have to show yourself. Even though you don't want to pass that much, you don't want to be a ball hog either. Trainers won't want to see someone who doesn't pass the ball.

Step 6: lastly, you want to thank the coaches after the tryout. When you thank the coaches it shows that you are a good kid and appreciate their work. It may not automatically get you on the team, but it may raise your chances.

Overall, you should listen to all these steps. Coming from someone who made many soccer teams, I think I know how to make a team. Overall, follow these simple steps to help you make a soccer team.

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