If you would like to be a Muslim ? do it

If you want security, peace and comfort, the best solution is Islam. So all that in this life but in the afterlife after death you will receive gardens and delight, and eternal life so beautiful. So we should all be Muslims to have this and more .

To be "Muslim", there are five pillars of Islam

bearing witness

When you become a Muslim You have to believe in the existence of God and that God is the creator of this whole world .

Pray five times a day

The Muslim must pray five times a day and night. It must be pure and receives the Ka'aba.

Help the poor

Gives poor people money, food or clothes to make them feel happy and to have the consent of God .

Fasting in the holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan, the month of fast from dawn to sunset to feel the Muslim poor and suffering .

Hajj for those who can

Perform Hajj in Makkah to forgive allah them their sins .

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