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"Eye on the Prize" 32x18 inches, currently for sale.

You are always welcome to visit www.JamesGeddesPastels.com at any time on line or at our studio. Please call ahead to your visit 425-765-9297 to insure that I am not on location painting or taking reference photos. We still do studio portrait work and will include this service for paintings of individuals, pals, significant others and of course families!

Likeness of the subject and capturing personality is my goal. I am versatile in my presentation and utilize drawing and painting and sometimes both. Top left is a drawing in umber tones as well as the Three Woodsmen. The little girls, "Side Kicks" is a combination of drawing and painting. The portrait in the right bottom corner is a painting. All of these are created with pastels.

I am a professional photographer and specialize in artwork photography. Our equipment it color balanced and profiled the day of your session. We prefer shooting raw artwork which is unframed but we are capable of shooting your art through glass and framed as well. We prepare your artwork for publication and

"My Love" portrait of my wife and life long best friend. 12x16
"My Love" 12x16

My wife and life long friend, Nancy. I painted Nancy because I know that people are very particular about how they look. I knew I would get an honest evaluation... I passed with flying colors!

The beauty of age... weathered with life experience and a soul piercing stare!

I had to sneak a pic of "The Craftsman" at work in his shop. Dick was routing a sign for us and I wanted to give him something that will last forever!

From a Steve Evans photograph... "Prayer Bubbles" Such a wonderful scene. This is still available BTW!

Although I have always been fascinated with how all of us have their own special quirks, and look, I do not paint people exclusively. I like challenging myself!

In the past couple of months I have discovered wildlife art and was very pleased to have sold my first two painting of the Cheetah and the Lynx. My latest is "They Call me Mister" the colorful cock a doodle do!

"Crossing the Fordyce" is a 24x18 in one of my favorite themes! Horses and riders!

"Duschutes Ponies" combines the awesome Pacific Northwest scenery with ponies from the Black Butte area in Oregon.
"Patricia Lake" 18x18 pastel from my photo reference taken above Jasper Township in Alberta Canada. Very early morning photo taken as the sun was rising. The water was like glass and the intense sunlight striking the trees on the distant peninsula were perfectly mirrored.
The views in the Skagit Valley change with the weather, the seasons and the bird life! The Cascades are a wonderful backdrop as clouds build, showers of rain and sleet drift out over the valley. The snow geese, in this painting, are regular visitors during the early spring months.

As you can see, I love painting the beautiful scenes and creatures of the earth!

But sometimes I am a bit Playful or understand the struggles.

"Fence Line Freeze" depicts the struggles of everyday life for the cowboy, rancher or farmer. Can you image standing in the pouring rain and sleet, ice weighing down the brim of your hat and knowing you have three more miles of fence line to check and cattle to round up!
Then there are the good times... BFF's!
This snowy scene "Calving in a Blue Norther" addresses the work we don't usually see or even think about!
And it's not just men who work long days and earn the respect of their culture.
Looking East I painted from a photo by Brian Zimmerman and a photo I took of Nancy in Hawaii... Regardless where, how or when... The mood of the piece is what I was after. Looking to sea for her expected mate coming ashore... waiting and watching as the sun goes down. Scanning the horizon for the mast of the sail rigging.

"Sunday Afternoon" speaks volumes about the restful Sundays we enjoy... Pudge listens as the silence is broken by the distant sound of sea gulls.

Frogg's Pond is as much alive at night as in the day. The old shed has seen better days... the trees and vines wrap their arms around it hold it as the day wears down and the bull frogs begin their serenade.

"Sunset Challenger" a large 24x28 artwork of wild mustangs in the heat of battle at sundown!
"Teton Homestead" was painted when we returned from Jackson Wyoming. The Tetons are sacred, breathtaking and symbolic of the American West.

October Pasture was conceived with the Sierra Nevada mountains in mind. The stream is a trickle of still water, the aspens are beginning to turn and its about time to pack up the cabin before the first snow.

Painting for me was only a dream. I have always been artistic, drawing, designing and building. But when I saw a group of painters on the shore of Lake Maligne in AB, I knew I had to create from a blank canvas. What I didn't know was that I was about to start a journey of beauty and challenge.

Painting is an interpretation. As an artist we are allowed to interject feeling into what we see and what we paint.
Me doing what I enjoy! And a special visit to my studio by Desmond O'Hagan!

Artists that I have studied with:

Christine Swann who I realize daily what gems she taught me! Phil Bates, still my favorite artist! and Ned Mueller who is pure artists and has a great sense of humor!

Please feel free to roam around the site and contact me!

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