Innovative Media By miya andrew (0367291)

A brief introduction (particularly on what do you expect to gain from this module, your personal interest, and how do you see yourself in future)

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

The StickMan & Dino

Stickman was in the Lab trying to look for something, and he bumps into this incubator in the experimental lab,what happens next is that stickman found his Dino friend. Turns out Dino is not that scary after all. :D

Group photo

Upload your images onto a shared folder & place your link HERE!

Exercise 2: Viral Content


Prepare a write-up of not more than 1,000 words in relevant to the topic of anti-drug abuse via your Spark page. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

You may consider to use any relevant images, memes or video from third page to illustrate your idea, but kindly ensure that the source is referenced.

Submission deadline: 22 May 2017, Mon before 5pm

You consider to place your write-up here OR prepare your write-up in GoogleWord and share the link HERE.

Exercise 3: Infographics

Create an infographic with NOT more than 12 arguments/ facts on the topic "Anti-drug abuse". Make it a streamlined and focused on a SINGLE topic.

NOTE: You are advised to write a brief description about your visual direction in your SPARK page.

Submission due date: 3 June 2017 (Saturday) before 5pm

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Mobile App Name: TFD (The Food Detective)

Description: The main purpose of this app is to provide convenience for people who

a) do not know what to cook with the ingredients they have, OR

b) do not know how to cook/how many things to prepare for a big crowd.

The app is able to show you step-by-step guidance on How-To-Cook by providing you a variety of menus and recipes.

Splash Screen
User Login
Snap To Cook
Type To Check
Editor's Picks
My Account

Assignment 2: Video

Brief explanation about your topic chosen (e.g. food: what's your social media page name, community interest, what's the objectives for having this social media page, how do you address the importance of your social media page through video content-concept & idea).

Mindmap & Moodboard

Mindmap (jpeg/ png)
Moodboard (jpeg/ png)


storyboard (jpeg/ png) or googleDoc link

Script/ Treatment

Prepare your script/ treatment in GoogleDoc & share the link HERE.

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

Brief explanation about your concept development.

(1) Sleepy
Rubbing eyes cause he's too tired after working. His job is tiring as he needs to save people!
(2) Happy
He is so happy that he needs to dance by shaking his butt
(3) Sad
His tears came down as he felt sad after failing in his mission. He is so sad that he can't even bother wiping off his tears.
(4) Working
Sometimes as a superhero, he needs to do some paper work about his achievements to submit to the government. He's being very fast and focused "chop"-ing on the papers as a stack of paper work awaits at his side.
(5) Angry
He is so angry as the fire coming out from him is burning vigorously with smoke rising up
(6) Confused
He scratches his head with his second finger feeling super confused.


Created with images by jfl1066 - "Vicky" • the great 8 - "Stop Motion Animation Running Man" • senstudentclub - "DSC04794" • DariuszSankowski - "phone screen technology" • desiderius_papp - "Capitalism Socialism Communism" • LoboStudioHamburg - "twitter facebook together" • TeroVesalainen - "idea innovation imagination" • 3:19 - "Storyboard" • francisco.j.gonzalez - "Storyboard"

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