Concussions in Youth Sports The fear parents should not be afraid of

Parents are preventing their children from contact sports due to the rise of concussions.

Cause of fear is because of hits to the head that can endanger a child in a sport.

The end result is serious injury to many young athletes and this is cause of change to help contact sports become safer.

Laws are being passed to prevent the constant dangers of concussions. They make sure that coaches, trainers, and parents are certified and insured to handle concussion symptoms and protocol programs.
Coaches are making sure all of their young athletes on his/her team are taken care of and healthy prior to the beginning of the season

Getting laws amended.

Coaches and trainers are certified to handle concussions before the season and during the season.

Gives a reason why the parents should allow their child to play, instead of preventing them from playing a contact sport.

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Clayton Pierce


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