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How do I create inclusive and engaging learning experiences using TDSB approved digital tools? How do I access these tools? Which online content and resources should I use?

This Summary of Digital Learning Resources will help TDSB educators answer such questions. A downloadable version of this document is available by scrolling all the way to the end.

First Stop: Technology Enabled Teaching & Learning Resources

You are probably looking for Technology Enabled Teaching and Learning Resources (including up-to-date recorded professional learning) for Educators, Parents/Guardians or Students. Look no further. You'll find them in these comprehensive and easy-to-navigate websites:

The Digital Learning Support and Resources Website provides curriculum and reference resources. Current professional learning webinars continue to be offered on Key to Learn focused on using board approved digital tools such as Google Workspace apps, D2L Brightspace and Assistive Technology together with the TDSB Virtual Library resources to create dynamic and inclusive learning experiences for students. Recordings of webinars are available through the self-directed Professional Learning roadmap for educators to view at their convenience.

I've done some webinars but how can I get more help?

Join our TDSB Digital Learning Currents for resources and to ask questions and connect with DLLs and other TDSB educators. Choose from a variety of close captioned professional learning recorded webinars or short Lunch & Learn sessions to view at your convenience.

Google Classroom vs. Brightspace? Which one to choose?

Virtual School teachers use Ontario's Virtual Learning Environment ( D2L Brightspace). Teachers in the In-School model may choose the tool that you're most comfortable with and that will best meet the needs of your students. Here's a comparison of these two online learning platforms.

What online content or resources should I use? Can I use external digital resources e.g., RAZ Kids, Scholastics?

Links to Resources

Families are asking how digital tools may be used for learning and how they can support learners to stay safe and be responsible digital citizens. Any tips?

This Guardian Guide provides an overview on the use of G Suite tools, Google Classroom and Google Meet to support learning and addresses data privacy and safety.

"Be Internet Awesome" is a Google created resource with tools, an online game called "Interland" and home activities to support families to learn about online safety and citizenship. The Family Guide is available in English for download.

As for Brightspace, there is a set of videos that are intended for learners but parents/guardians can get an impression of how Brightspace may be used to engage in learning. For additional information about Brightspace for Parents, visit this Brightspace support website.

Are these Guardian & Family Guides available in other languages?

Did you know that while the translations are not always perfect, Google Translate can translate whole documents, or even whole websites and even more, translate by transcribing speech from certain languages? Make sure you select the correct source and target languages for translation.

Any TDSB-specific instructions to help families to log-in to Classroom or Brightspace?
Together, supporting educators in digital learning

Review: FAQ about Digital Tools & Pedagogy

Connect: Join the TDSB Digital Learning Currents/G+ community to ask questions and share tips and resources.

Explore: More resources on Twitter with #tdsbRL

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