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Eleven weeks of lecture phase of my Marketplace DTS in Hawaii are already behind. That was a great fruitful time of re-evaluation, re-consideration and search for identity. We had about 15 different speakers teaching us on the faith-based principles and transformational business, finance and views of money, leadership gifts and callings, the spheres of society where marketplace bring impacts and many many other things.

I fell in love with multinational context of this place that brought me to a new perspective on culture, business and relationship with people. Besides Hawaii is an incredible place of beauty and being here it is impossible to not fall in love with God's creation deeper. I feel such a restoration of my heart, mentality and spirit. But the most important are the lessons I walk through here. And I am very thankful to the great people who are walking next to me in this season.

The one of the challenges I faced here was a kitchen duty. As I shared previously I worked on a front line serving the food and cleaning around. The eleventh week was a last one. So looking back on this time I realized that working with a kitchen inspired me to develop a program on human ressources. I am especially thankful to my three great classmates - Connor, Sue and Brittany - who were a great crew and turned my experience in the kitchen in an awesome journey.

In my last newletter I spoke about our team plans to do an outreach in Nepal. But we discovered that God had an another plan for me. Long story short - we came up with an opportunity to do my outreach here in Kona, Hawaii. So far we are starting this new phase this week. We will have a project with Aloha Urgent Care Clinic developing a website and social media, as well as working on a marketing campaign for them. We also plan to work with the University of the Nations Visitor Center and pioneer a Prayer Station project here in Kona. We might possibly have a few more things that we still work on. Please pray for us, new ideas, wisdom, favor of local people and businesses as well as new opportunities.

God showed a great faithfulness in my payments for a school. I am very thankful to everyone who invested in what I am doing and supported my dream.

However, I still need to do my last payment for a program which is $800. If you feel a desire to support my outreach please pray and donate online to my student account via the link:

*Press a button MAKE A PAYMENT -> log in as a guest -> follow the instructions

You can also donate to my Privatbank card (if UAH currency): 4149437856838709.

Any questions? Email me at

Thank you for impacting the world together!

Sasholiia Shevchuk

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Sasholiia Shevchuk

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