Pre-Primary Scribbles September 14th- 18th

This week preschoolers have been introduced to the Solar System. Children are very fascinated by space, the planets.

Children learned some facts about the sun. They learned that the sun is a star, it is bigger than the Earth and it is very hot. The Sun gives us light and heat. The sun is the biggest object in our Solar System. It is a big ball of burning gases. We discussed why the sun looks bigger, because of it being closer to the Earth than other stars.

We read books about the Solar System.

Norman looking at the Solar System Model.

Preschoolers are getting more comfortable with their classroom routines. Preschoolers keep themselves busy throughout the day transitioning from one work activity to another.

Laila working with the Colored Bead Bars.
Finnley working on his three letter words.
Ryan busy doing science work.
Fouad working with a puzzle.
Amelia working in the Practical Life Area.
Elina working on a Math activity.
Jasper working on a Science Activity.
Aiden working with manipulatives.
Tomas and Jacob busy coloring.
Evan busy doing a Science Activity.
Yara busy with language work.
Rose busy with her work.
Mihir working on a Math Activity.
Bryce working on his numbers.


Back to School Night today from 4:30- 5:30 pm.

Curriculum Night on October 2nd from 4:30-6:00pm


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