Capter 3 Life is beautiful


This picture was barley edited. Taken in October a day before Halloween, all my friends had gathered around our fireplace to be warm and talk about all the tests and hardships to come. It relieved stress.


I chose Paul Strand to replicate because a bunch of his pictures, in black and white, are showing the brighter side of life.
It's very hard to get my brother to pose for a photo, he said "Erik you look more like the guy, why don't you pose." But I think he did well in the sense of creating pure hapiness, even if it took 30 min. To get this shot of him actually smiling.

Influential-Self Reflective-Thematic

1.Portrait. 2. Sport, Family, and Nature.

This section will be largely based around my family, they always help me through life's struggles.

This is my cousin Olivia, 21, and her boyfriend Ben, 24. I genuinely love Ben. He is happy, funny as all get out, and overall a great guy. Not many come like him, he taught me that no matter what life throws at you, greet it with open arms.
This is my mom, Heather, our cat, Swiper, and dog, Roxy. They are the most lovable things in the world. I have nothing but utmost respect for my mom, and I think everyone should. She taught me to be myself, and when others judge you, it shouldn't have an effect.
This is my bro Thomas. We are unsure if he will be attending the Naval Academy next fall and it has been hard on all of us, especially him. Even though it is just a quick snapshot it shows, that he can get through anything and everything and he taught me that I could too. This is a road trip to Baltimore, MA.
We always joke my dad, Colin, naps way to much. Almost to the point he misses a whole bunch of stuff going on in the world. I love him, the best businessman you'll ever meet, he once told me "persistency, persistency will break the resistancy".
This is my cousin chance and Olivia when we went all the way to Germany because he was based there from the AFA. He is the man I strive to be, and though he does not know this, I miss talking to him.
Here I blurred the picture just to get the bright lights. I feel it shows joy, and that due to finals coming up we could all use a little happiness. To anyone who ever reads this, Merry Christmas!
"It's the most wonderful time of the year." When the holidays hit, emotions run high. We start seeing loved ones more and more and we recognize what we can really miss out on. We realize that there is more to living than walking, talking, and breathing. There is love, care, and tenderness that comes with it.
Home is where the heart is. No one can take home away from you. It is the greatest and worst place on earth. Sometimes you don't want to be here at all, and sometimes all you do is miss it.
I have such an awesome dad. Once a week he makes us his famous Carmel apples and he just started doing ones with fudge on them! He is the funniest guy and the biggest barer of bad news there is. You can only have one true dad.
Last but not least, my dog Roxy. As I said in chapter 2 she is very old. Now she has lost all capabilities of hearing, and I have to charity the days I have with her. She continues to teach me to always stay strong, even in the event of a loved one passing.❤️
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