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I discovered I could draw while stuck at home with pnuemonia. It was very much like an out of body experience. It lasted two weeks and left me addicted to perfecting this new craft.

Ravens can live up to 75 years, use tools and can be taught to speak. An amazing bird.

My first paid commission was to draw my high school teachers parrot. I’ve loved drawing animals ever since.

The Grandma Tree Alamo Square Park, SF


Watercolor and pen and ink share the fact that you cannot erase a mistake. It requires an act of faith that everything is going to work out.

A parrot from the famous “Parrots of Telegraph Hill” flock found in San Francisco

acrylic color ink


I enjoy capturing the soul of my subjects using cross-hatching combined with linear simplicity.

The art of Boxing

I’ve designed the logos and fight uniforms for Heavyweight champions Evander Holyfield and Jon Ruiz.

Evander Holyfield

I also got to be the documentary photographer for the Jon Ruiz vs. Roy Jones heavyweight championship bout. As a result, I got to meet a lot of young up and coming fighters and decided to create a body of work commemorating this using only black and red ink.


I was fortunate enough to agree to rescuing Dobby when my wife Julie found him online. My only experience with a dog was with my childhood dog named Buck. He was a lovable Irish setter mix who was happy go-lucky but not the brightest bulb. Buck famously grabbed the cooling Thanksgiving turkey and ran through our house tearing off chunks and then frantically picking up his prize and running before my 70 year old grandmother could catch up to him and continue whacking him with a rolled newspaper in a failing attempt to salvage the turkey. We ate pasta that year. Dobby is the complete opposite. Extremely smart, loving and very sensitive. He is also known as the Dob-Juan ‘cause he’s so handsome.

San Francisco

I started doing pen and ink again after a 30 year break when I decided to challenge myself to a no-pencils-allowed pen and ink challenge. I decided to draw trees and scenes ink to paper, no pencil lines. No cheating. I did this to force myself to slow down and to take the time needed to draw the complexity of tree branches and foliage.

fine art furniture


Ziryab Restaurant Fine art lighting


Handbags are by commission only and are totally customized to exceed your expectations. Email me at tduane62@gmail.com


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