The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Common Activity

At the entrance to the theatre

When I first entered the lobby of the theatre I noticed the modern architecture of the building. I also noticed all of the art in the lobby, ranging from collages to sculptures, most of which seemed to revolve around Constans Theatre itself. These details gave me a good feeling about the play I was about to see, like it was going to be more developed than those I had seen in high school. I was lucky enough to get a seat right in the center of the room, in a row with a large walkway. I really enjoyed this because I got a good view of the whole set and the play. The added leg room was also very comfortable and allowed me to focus on the play, instead of something like a leg cramp. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I could feel the anticipation of all of the people in the room. I think the size of the auditorium was perfect, there was not too many people and we were all spaced out nicely. Place is very important in the good life, as it has a huge affect on the experience if it is uncomfortable. I felt like the whole design of the theatre was the laid out the way it was in order to foster a better experience.

With some of the lobby's art

Unfortunately I did not get to see the play with friends, as they had taken the class last fall. It was easier to plan it out and get ready to go, as I did not have to coordinate with anyone else or wait for anyone to get ready. I think going alone may have also allowed me to focus on the play better and really understand what was happening. Despite the benefits in attending alone, I think it would have improved the experience had I gone with friends. It would have made the situation more comfortable for one. It would have also allowed me to discuss the play with someone afterwards and get an idea of what they thought of it. For reasons like these I think shared experiences are very important in the good life. Having others to share the experience with would have created a better memory overall.

With more of the art in the lobby

The play was set in a time when labor in factories was unregulated, dangerous, and generally very unfair on the worker. At the time the Catholic church was also butting heads with progressive movements, trying to repress changes in thought and sweep its own scandals under the rug. The play focused mainly on critiquing these two issues, presenting the viewer the abuse of a mother and her son in a factory and the abuse of another son by a priest. I knew a little about the topics before the play. For example, conditions like lack of fire safety procedure in some factories led to people being locked in, unable to escape burning buildings. I had also heard of a few incidences where priests have molested children, a few of which had only come to light in the past couple of years. I do not think the play really changed my previous opinions on these topics, as I already align myself with protecting the rights of workers and persecuting people who carry out such evil crimes, no matter how holy they are. The subject matter does not really have a huge affect on my life, as I am lucky enough to exist in a period where workers are protected by laws. I am also lucky enough to never have been subject to anything traumatizing like some characters in the play. However, it did give me a new found appreciation for how fortunate I have been.

Cover of the program

The play gave us the opportunity to "come clean" with ourselves as it forced us to see the darker side of reality. The divine aimed to show us that people take advantage of others, even harm others if it means getting ahead or getting some pleasure. It also showed us that these people will do everything in their power to hide their misdeeds if it means public embarrassment. The play shows us the evil side of humanity and, in my opinion, tries to encourage us to better ourselves. It is trying to show us that it is our duty to take care of others, to protect them from damage that could be inflicted by others. It also tries to show us that we should punish those that inflict harm on others, that justice should be served even if the victim may fear the consequences of attaining it. By making sure that everyone has their own safety, that they are not controlled by others, can we as humans help our fellow humans achieve the good life.

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