Evil Robot Monkey Motif By gonz and kyle


"He just wanted to make pottery. He loped back the wheel and sat down again with his back to the window. Kicking the wheel into movement, sly dropped a new ball of clay in the center and tried to lose himself"


The analysis for this quote is he just wants to make pottery because that's what makes him happy.


"He seemed to understand the hellish limbo where Sly Lived-too smart to be with other chimps, but too much of an animal to be with humans."

This quote shows how Sly is different from others but badly wants to be accepted and have liberty and justice given to him.


Created with images by scragz - "Evil monkey from the movie about the evil monkey that smiles awkwardly" • geishaboy500 - "NZ TRIP" • GOEducationalTours - "statue of liberty new york city liberty"

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