A Spell of Kona Weather Brochure Ethan Dimla

Scene 1:

In this scene Annie follows Lulu to swim at the beach because she would never refuse her invitation to go. She goes because it reminds Lulu of a memory she had there. Lulu would always tell Annie about how her life would be like if Jimmie was still alive. Going on a swim helped Lulu express her feelings and thoughts.

Scene 2:

In this scene Annie sees a gun in the hardware shop and imagines herself picking it up and slowly pulling the trigger. Every time she hears her grandmothers voice it makes her think about the pistols. Just the voice makes her think about. What would happen if she has the gun and hears her grandmothers voice?

Tourist Attractions

In Kona, Hawaii you can do lots of stuff. Like going on a boat ride to see the lava touch the ocean, seeing water wildlife in front of your eyes, and going on a hike. Going on a involves exercise on your vacation. Going on a boat ride could improve you a stronger stomach and who wouldn't want to see lava touch cold water. And lastly see water wildlife could be more fun then you think, you can swim with them or take pictures of them.

Stuff to eat

There are lots of food to eat in Kona. It can be from Hawaiian cuisine, food trucks, or just American food. If I were you I would stay there long so I can try all the food they have to offer.

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