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It's time for a March overview. I prepared some analytic reports and some snapshots for you and I will explain our efforts done so far on the SEO and paid advertising.

This campaign started on March 6th and the reports cover one month period, so until April 6th. The Campaign is still running in April, we are upgrading our keywords list and optimizing it on daily basis to get the best results for the budget.

Google Ads

In this report we will focus more on the Google Ads campaign and the Analytics for the whole month of March and also provide comparison reports from first two weeks compared to second two weeks of March. So let's get started.

This is the Analytics report for month of March. As I mentioned before, we had an issue with the tracking code before March 11th, meaning that we couldn't gather any data prior to that date. Hence, reporting begins from March 11 to April 6th.

In this report we can notice the percentage of new visitors compared to the returning visitors. These are good numbers for this type of website which is just informative type and doesn't require visitors to return multiple times, like e-commerce website for example. Average duration of a session is about 2 minutes and average visitor clicks-thru almost 3 pages per session.

Most of the visitors come from the targeted area, as you can notice: Washington, Baltimore, Alexandria, College Park, Greenbelt etc.

You can notice that we still keep a solid bounce rate of 54.26%, while the ideal bounce rate would be up to 40%. Our suggestion on these is to add more information about how actually the procedure works once we arrive to the clinic to the end of treatment. Another suggestion would be a section with pediatric ENT services, which I've noticed that a lot of other ENT providers focus on.

Increase of Active Users

Demographics of Visitors

Most of the visitors are in age group 25-34 and more interestingly 64.5% of visitors are female. We can also confirm that from the Gender Demographics on the slide below.


This important metrics displays graphically the flow of the visitors when they read your pages. By the results displayed here, most of them choose to proceed to the Contact page very soon after the landing page, practically means that they are determined to contact ENT & SSpecialists.

Just to give you a better insight in devices that your visitors use to browse your website.


These are the Ads we ran the past two weeks. This can give you an idea of what the visitors research the most based on the Served % of the certain Ad.

In the upper left corner, on the diagram, we can notice how "fine tunning" of the campaign provides us more clicks than average CPC (cost per click).


I wanted to show you the list of keywords that we've discussed in our last report. These are only 15 of 148 keywords that we're currently targeting and we can notice, following the number of impressions, where our the ad is mostly displayed.

Ear nose and throat doctor is the our lead keyword and brings us most of the conversions, even though we keep a strong focus on the sleep apnea and other high traffic keywords related to sleep - see below.

Campaign: 1st VS 2nd bi-weekly period

Increase in number of interactions with the website. Notice the lower average cost in the Second Period. Number of conversions looks the same, but that's seems like an inadequate conversion timing (1,5 minutes) per phone call. We can clearly see that we had more calls from the ad in the second period, hence more booked appointments.

I would like to point out here the importance of the phone link in the Ad. This tool shows us how many visitors clicked directly on the phone number in the ad and eventually booked the appointment.

First Period.

The statistics below display the first two weeks of the month. We had only 13 clicks on the phone extension in the ad, out of which only 3 of them lasted longer than 1,5 minutes.

Second Period.

The statistics below display the second two weeks of the month, where we had 24 clicks on the phone extension in the ad, out of which only 3 of them lasted longer than 1.5 minutes. We can notice the increase of CTR (click through rate).

This doesn't necessary mean that other 21 visitors didn't book the appointment with ENT Specialists, it simply means that their conversation on the phone lasted less than 1.5 minutes.

Location. Location. Location.

This metrics shows how many visitors clicked directly on the location provided in the Ad and which location was visited the most. Disclaimer: Clicking on the location in the paid ad transfers you immediately to the Maps app or Google Maps in the browser.

This represents the search by location and how many times the website has been visited from these cities.


We can clearly see the improvement in campaign results thanks to the fine tuning of the bids and keywords that we work on daily.

We focused on 4 main Ads in the campaign and changed their content regularly to maintain the quality score of our ads.

We are continuing to improve the ranking position in the SERP and Local SEO.

We are targeting Paid Ads only for the Keywords that currently don't direct the traffic to our page. We targeted another 98 keywords (+ negative keywords) compared to the first two weeks of the campaign.

We also installed the Facebook tracking code to the website, in other words who ever visits your website and has Facebook account, we can display a add to the right side of his screen until he's fed up with it. ;)

About the Facebook tracking code, we will need to discuss that further. I didn't relate it to the page that you allowed me the admin access for- since that was a brand new page. In order to get the best results we need to connect it with the page that already has some reviews on it.

Thank you for your business!


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