Cuddles comes to visit Riley A weekend of family and fun


Riley was so excited to bring me (Cuddles) home this week; he couldn’t wait to show me to everyone! The first thing I got to do with Riley was visit the Out of School Club until his Mummy finished work. We had lots of fun playing together and enjoyed our snack of malt loaf. Yum Yum!
When Riley's Mummy came to pick us up we went to visit Nana Larkin. She was very kind and even let me have an ice Lolly. Riley loves to visit his family,
Riley told me that his Daddy wouldn't be home tonight so I get to sleep in his Mummy and Daddy's bed with him. He does miss his Daddy when he's working at night time but he also loves sleeping in the big bed!


On Saturday morning Riley showed me some cool dance moves at his Ballet and Tap class. I tried my best to join in but I'm not too sure Strictly Come Dancing will be calling for me any time soon! We got some chocolate buttons from the teacher at the end of the lesson and I ate them all up.
On Saturday night we went to see Nana and Grandad Ryan. We watched TV and played some great games like Guess Who and I even got to play on Nana Ryan's laptop with Riley; it was lots of fun!


We had a lovely sleep last night and were all rested in time for the party. I love parties! Today Riley was going to Amelia's Birthday party and he told me that I could come too. I was really excited about this because I would get to see lots of my friends from school! He left me looking after the present while he went into the play area. I didn't want go in because I didn't want to get lost, so I sat with Riley's Mummy and Daddy and decided what I wanted to eat from the Menu.
I went for the healthy option because I sure do love healthy food. Cheese and mushroom omelette and salad - yum yum!!. Okay...I did have some chips but even bears can't be good all the time!
After the party was over, Riley told me we were going to visit his Daddy's work. I wasn't too sure what his Daddy did but Riley was really excited so I was too. On the way we drove through countryside and saw lots of sheep. Riley and his sister were telling me lots of jokes.
Question: What colour socks do bears wear?
Answer: Bears don't wear socks, they prefer "bear" feet!
Wow! Riley's daddy drives an ambulance and I got to sit in the driver's seat and play with the lights. Riley made us all jump when he set off the siren! I nearly had a heart attack so his daddy wanted to make sure i was okay and did an ECG on me!
Everything was okay, he says my heart just beats with love.
I've had a fantastic time with Riley this weekend and hope I'll get to come back and visit again one day!
I wonder who I'll go home with this week...?

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