Bright blue-sky by Olivia page and Bella boud

Our seal is sunlight, and the photo above is showing us how people can always shine.

you should not have done anything illegal in your life, and you can not be afraid to hide.

Your own uniqueness and creativity should not be hidden, here you can shine as bright as the sun.


1 Keep stress to a minimum and stay happy, 2 use appropriate language, 3 treat others the way you want to be treated, 4 set an example for others younger than you, 5 respect government and laws, 6 don't put down someone's creativity, 7 be honest, 8 be a friend, 9 never steal, 10 and appreciate what you are given.

You will find our community is in New Zealand. We want to go there is because it is a beautiful, peaceful, and you will be treated well by them.

Our daily schedule is: MORNING you will get ready for the day, eat breakfast, get children off to school or go to school, adults go to morning shift, kids come home from school, parents with morning shift will come home. NIGHT family time, children do homework, eat dunner, relax, go to bed. WEEKENDS do whatever you want .

Our type of government is democracy, because here the people truly matter and should be able to govern there own lives.

You should come here because, you can be yourself and, not have to hide who you truly are.

See you soon!!!


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