America was the Dream By Nicholas Jongeneel

America was, but no longer is the dream for many American Citizens and Non-Citizens. The Countless acts of violence deter many from coming to the United States; statistics prove that the United States is no longer the top country to live in.
(left to right) 1.) Gun Control 2.) No longer Top Country to Achieve American Dream 3.) Discrimination/Hate Crimes
Gun Control in the United States started with the second Amendment, which is the right to Bear Arms. In 1934, in order to control Gang violence, the Federal Government enacted the NFA (National Firearms Act) which made it illegal to own machine guns, suppressors, etc. In 2007, George W. Bush enacted an act which requires a background check in order to buy a firearm. California is notorious or having the strictest gun laws, recently passing proposition 63, which makes it a crime to not report a lost or stolen gun. > ------>
According to recent Polls taken in July of 2016, Half of Americans do not beleive that the American Dream is real. 59 percent of the people who were polled believe that it has become impossible to achieve the dream because there is "not much opprotunity". College prices have risen 500 percent since 1985, and as of 2013, the average TUITION of a private university is 130,00 dollars. A 2012 survey revealed that the average vacation cost per person was 1,180 dollars, so if you are unemployed you can kiss that dream goodbye. In 2015, Amsterdam was ranked Bycicle-Freendliest, while only 1 Us City making it into the top 20; The benefits of having a bycicle friendly city is reduced polluition, traffic, and lower health costs. So, why choose America when College tuition costs so much when other countries College tuition is FREE. ----------------> b text ------------------>
Discrimination is detering many citizens of other countries. High profile attacks against indians are fearfully causing many in India and other around the world from coming to the United States. President Trump has considered to put restrictions on religion, which could lead to many social issues. In a 2011 Poll, 52 percent of Americans do not respect Muslims; President Trump signed an Exucitive Order to Ban 7 countries of Muslim majority from entering the United States. These actions absolutely Deter Middle Easterners and Other who want to come to the United States. How are they suppose to live their dream if a concrete wall ofdiscrimination is blocking them --------> ------
A Classic Muscle car is driving away from "The American Dream". to the ideal American Dream. The "American Dream" represented on the left of the board is what has now become of the United States, while the left is what Americans and others ideally want.
(Left) The Car is seen driving to symbols such as the Canadian flag, which currently contains more items of the American Dream than the U.S. does. (Middle) The car is driving away from the oppression, the discrimination, and Hate. (Right) The 1969 SS Camaro was chosen because it is a classic American Muscle car, while the sunset in the Great Plains just adds to the American-Ness.


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