Eco-garden is a place where we can have a variety if different types of plants can produce us oxygen and a better place to have a walking trial
LOL club it's our CCA before this CCA was expose all around this room it was very dirty and messy and ugly.After our dear Mdm Kavitha go on and ask Mdm Goh that this room will be use a CCA room we really love the room
I really appreciate my classroom because its air-condition ate room so that we can study in a better place and don't feel stuffy in the room and lots of friends and we really like our classmates
This is also a most important place for students like us. Because we need stationaries for our school need and we also buy book from the bookshop
Hall is a place where we can show our talent on some events and get awards for our hardwork. Even we can play PE in our and have fun
This place is a library we really appreciate it because if we are struggling in reading we can come to the library anD borrow books to read and develop knowledge and understand the meaning
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Kana, Jing Er

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