Lawn Boy BY Gary Paulsen Presentation by Fiona Liang

In Lawn Boy, you will meet a pefectly normal boy who becomes rich by his lawn mowing business and he has many great adventures throughout the journey!
This is Lawn Boy. He is very happy because he earned a lot of money.
This is Lawn Boy's Grandma. She gave Lawn Boy a lawn mower for his birthday.
This is Arnold. You might think that I did something wrong and made Arnold look like an 80's person! Well, Arnold is a person that looks like he is from the 80's. But he is not.
This is Joseph Powdermilk. He is a world wrestling champion and is Lawn Boy's body guard! He made up a name for his wrestling career. The name is Joey Pow!
Lawn boy mows many lawns and each lawn is different.

Lawn boy makes a lot of decisions and those decisions affect his outcome of his lawn mowing business.

At the begining of the story, Lawn boy turns twelve so his grandmother gives him an old lawn mower which his grandfather made for him as a birthday present.

neighbors see lawn boy with a lawn mower so they start to ask him to mow their lawns and get paid with real money. lawn boy agrees and mows the lawns. After he mows the lawns, he gets paid with real money!

Lawn Boy meets Arnold and they work together to make the BUSINESS successful.

AS Arnold and lawn boy work together, they earn tons of money!

At the end of book, lawn boy earns 480,000 dollars!!! And remember, he is only a 12 year old!

As you know, there are problems in a book. And guees what? There is a big problem at the end of the lawn boy book! But I won't tell you what it is.

But i will give you a hint! the hint is.................. that the problem has something to do with lawn boy being

Credits to....

My teacher Mrs.Batista for assigning this presentation and introducing Adobe Spark to me.

My classmates for helping me through tough times.

And adobe spark so I can make this PRESENTATION.

Also, all the pictures are "close enough" - quoted by Albert Ly.

Also, the picture credits are at the bottom of this presentation.

hope you liked this presentation!


Created with images by Counselling - "lawn mower hand lawn mower lawn mowing" • Hans - "grass rush juicy" • Picography - "notebook laptop work" • sevenpixx - "dog garden terrier" • waitscm - "Frosty lawn" • ~lzee~by~the~Sea~ - "♪ ♫ lawn song ♪ ♫" • Pexels - "animal blur breed" • free pictures of money - "Money"

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