Anna Garcia Case by: German ramos

A female named Anna Garcia who was about in her late 30'S was found dead in her house on a hot day. Alex's next door neighbor Doug, had filed a report about Alex's house because her dog had been barking none stop. Later on the police had finally arrived and knocked, but no answer. The police had no choice but to open her door, and found Anna on the floor dead. They had found her body at 11 am on that hot sunny day!!!!!!

Evidence found

In the crime scene we had found many things that could have lead too Anna's death. Somethings we had found was blood,fingerprints,hair, vomit, and pills of an unknown substance(aspirin). Our scientist had found out that the fingerprints had belonged to Anna's ex-husband Alex. Our blood spatter scientist had figured out that the blood fell in a downward motion and the blood was Anna's blood.

time of death

Anne Garcia was found dead at 11 am. The scientist did test on Anna to find out that she had been dead for four hours. So knowing that Anna had been dead since 7 am that morning.

Autopsy report

When the autopsy was done we had found out that Anna's body had swollen ankles and bruises on her elbows and head. So there was no sign of her struggling or her being forced.


In conclusion i feel that Anna had died of natural causes. One main reason why i feel that way is because everything had added up too her besides the fingerprint. She could have had a disease that could have lead to her death which explains the swollen ankles or she could have hurt herself while walking her dog. So from what i know she died of natural causes.

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