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I chose to draw a platypus. The most convenient letter to use was the letter 'U' as the platypus itself has a lot of curves in it and generally had no flat surfaces as it is an aquatic animal. I used the letter 'U' for the bill, the tail as well as the feet. I also used 'Y' for the feet to make it seem folded and webbed. I used 'L' and 'Y' around the legs to define them. I used some 'S's and 'L's for the top of the body to define some curves and surfaces. I used the font 'Quicksand' because it ranges from 'Light' to 'Bold' so that when the text is small and large it can seem more uniform. 'Quicksand' is also a very round sand serif with rounded edges so it would give the drawing a softer and smoother feel that the platypus itself has. I think that that the platypus was a fun drawing to figure out but I don't think that I was creative enough with the placement of letters and I could have looked for a more interesting font to use that better suited the drawing more. I really like the bill with the double 'U'. I think in the future I should be more creative and plan more in advance, in the roughs, on placement and trying out prototypes.

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