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What is WeeSleep™?

WeeSleep™ helps exhausted families with young children feel rested and refreshed.

Founded in 2011, WeeSleep™ is passionate about creating healthy, happy, and well-rested families through the gift of sleep. WeeSleep™'s approach includes tools, guidance, and one-on-one support that parents can immediately use to improve the sleep of their child, as well as everyone else in the home.

The WeeSleep™ approach is simple: unique solutions for unique children, which is why emphasis is placed on accommodating different parenting styles, lifestyles, and living situations. The team is dedicated to resolving children’s sleep issues and taking the guesswork out of sleep. WeeSleep™’s methods are gentle, loving, caring and guided.

Quick Facts

WeeSleep™ has a 98% success rate in getting children to sleep through the night (10-12 hours) in two weeks or less.

WeeSleep™ has helped 12,479 families feel rested across the world.

WeeSleep™ has helped families for 11 years worldwide.

The WeeSleep™ approach is aligned with the best practices recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics, The Canadian Pediatric Society, and The UK’s National Health Service.

About Janey Reilly, CEO & Well-Rested Founder

Janey Reilly, CEO and Founder of WeeSleep™, is a successful female entrepreneur and a single mother who’s on a mission to empower women to take charge of their lives. She is an expert infant & toddler sleep consultant who works with families around the globe and coaches a team of WeeSleep™ certified sleep consultants to do the same.

WeeSleep™ was launched following Janey’s own struggle with her son’s sleep issues and after hearing about so many families having similar difficulties. WeeSleep™ initially began as a one-woman venture in 2011, but it has now grown into a large team of women working passionately to give families the gift of sleep, worldwide.

Janey has completed intensive training with a globally renowned pediatric sleep specialist and continues to further her education in the field through workshops and by meeting with other health professionals. Prior to starting WeeSleep™, she was developing relationship marketing campaigns for major brands such as Disney, Aveda, Trialto Wine Group, and Sparkling Hill Resort.

Janey is a graduate of Okanagan University College and she currently lives in Ontario, Canada.

WeeSleep Story Starters

WeeSleep™ Announces Brand Partnership with Global Leader in Children’s Electronics

WeeSleep™ has recently acquired new brand partners, VTech® and LeapFrog®, that will integrate WeeSleep™ into their products to foster the idea that they are trusted partners in sleep. Products are set to hit the market in early 2022.


WeeSleep™ Continues to Grow Global Leadership

With over 35 Certified Sleep Consultants currently working with families across the globe, WeeSleep™ continues to grow it’s brand in strength and scope by announcing 4 Virtual Training Courses to onboard new Consultants each year. The company aims to triple it’s team strength by the end of 2022.


Janey Strives for Sleep Revolution

WeeSleep™’s CEO and Well-Rested Founder, Janey Reilly is a strong advocate of ensuring that focus is as much on the importance of rest for parents, as it is for their little ones. Janey's mantra is that being sleep deprived is NOT a badge of honour for new parents and how it is possible to sleep, exercise AND be intimate with your partner all while raising an infant or toddler.

WeeSleep™'s Top Sleep Packages

WeeSleep™ has 12 different Sleep Programs that sleep-deprived families can book. These are the most popular packages, covering children from 3 months all the way up to school age (10 years old).

Rescue Me

Toddler Time

Lead Me – ½ Night

Stay With Me - Full Night

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What Clients Say About WeeSleep™

“Thanks for reaching out and working with us WeeSleep! Leo’s sleep habits are improving more and more every day, last night he slept 11 hours!!! This mama is feeling RESTED!!!” - JILLIAN HARRIS (Canadian TV Personality and Digital Influencer)
“Sleep training @mollymanno completely changed our lives. I believe with all of my heart that it was the best thing we ever did for her! She is a completely different baby now and so much happier! And us getting to sleep through the night is honestly just a huge bonus!” - ALI FEDOTOWSKY (TV Presenter and Entertainment Journalist)
“Stephanie you are the besssttt! This has been such a good thing, start to finish. I’m especially grateful for your support through it all. Thank you thank you thank you.” - JANICE ALIDA (Fashion Model)
“She’s slept through the night every night since we started this program except one and is rocking nap time! I’ve seen such an improvement!” - ALLISON MATHIS JONES (Mompreneur and Author)
“WeeSleep was so great about talking through and educating us on all the details that would work best for our family and child. They really got to know our daughter and our schedule. We were educated and supported and never felt like we were doing this alone. Our consultant was holding us accountable which I think was the biggest difference for us because it took the guess work out of things. Within 3 nights our daughter was sleeping through the night, 12 hours a night and to this day is still the best sleeper! We are now using WeeSleep again to help our new son become a great sleeper. We cannot recommend WeeSleep enough. They are amazing and they are so helpful and we love working with them!” - ANGELA PRICE (Entrepreneur and Digital Media Influencer)

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