Nutrition Guidelines Abby Clawson

"Dietary Guidelines for Americans" recommendations:

1. Consume a variety of foods

2. Try physical activity

3. Eat grain products, fruits, and vegetables

4. Eat foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol

5. Moderation of sugar

6. Limit salt and sodium

7. Limit consumption of alcohol

The Dietary Guidelines for American are revised every five years. The purpose of these guidelines is to help Americans get healthy and/or stay healthy. These guidelines can also help to prevent obesity in America.

It is important to maintain a diet of a variation of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Physical activity is also important because it keeps fat off and is great for your body. Limiting saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt, sodium, and alcohol is a great way to maintain your health. Follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to keep the doctor away!


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