Native American Project Katie rapley 1B

I am Sacahontas, a native from the Powhashone tribe. The white settlers are not keeping promises about taking care of us. They want our gold and want to slaughter our buffalo and move my entire tribe from our homelands. This is affecting my entire tribe and I am worried about the safety of my people.

One of the laws to help me was the Dawes Act, it was a law that gave me land, but in order for me to become a citizen I had to leave my tribe and I had to live on reservations that were not mine. And I had to attend school because I was an "animal" and couldn't be tamed.

The solution to fixing this problem is to try and convince the white men that we are the same people. We are all human beings. And I made a life for myself, and all of the traditions my family and friends have created. I want a law that is going to protect that for all my people.

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Katelyn Rapley


Created with images by ahisgett - "Sunset" • mypubliclands - "San Pedro Riparian NCA" • bimbatoe - "wigwam tepee tipi" • Boston Public Library - "Attendees of the 1898 Indian Congress [Yellow Feather, Maricopa]"

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