How We Express Ourselves PYP Exhibition


An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and and express ideas ,feelings nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Week 1


6th Graders Talk

The 6th graders came and they talked about what we should and what we should not do while the Exhibition Unit. From them I learned that the charts' which we make the font size of the writing should be about 36 so everybody can read it. Charts should be made at the end when our research is properly done. I also learned that we can go for field trips and can take our group along with us and other groups who have a related topic. Follow your passion not your friends. I think their talk helped me gain more information and the do's and the don'ts.

Week 2

My Interests

My two interests for my Exhibition are:-

  • Music because I can express myself freely through it. If I am angry or not in a good mood I can play the guitar and sooth myself down. If I am happy I can express it through playing or singing a happy song/tune.
  • Poetry. I chose poetry because I felt that in poetry it is different as there are different types of poems so I can express my feelings differently. In poetry I can express through words.

My Group

My group members are:-

  • Leia
  • Agastya
  • Aaryan
  • Tanish

Finding Out About Groups

  1. When I found out about my group I was very excited to work with them. I think that we worked well with each other while making the bridge out of the newspapers and the tape. While making the bridge I think me and my team all participated well and gave our inputs. After that our next task was to write down on stickies our strengths and our weaknesses. Because of the stickies activity I got to know more about the members in my group, what they are good at and what they think they should improve on. I found out that some people in my group like and are good at song writing and most people like singing. I think I am going work well with this group.

Team Building

With our groups we made a bridge out of newspapers and tape we used scissors too. Our bridge wasn't the longest but I think ours was the most detailed.We worked together as a team very well.

These are our essential agreements

Our Lines Of Inquiry

Week 3

Lines Of Inquiry

Change - Evolution Of Music

Connection- How Music Is Connected To Our Daily Lives

Form- Different types Of Music

Us With Our Mentor Working

Us And Our Mentor Meeting For The First Time

Priorities For Spring Break

  • I have to gather information on the concept questions.
  • Research about lines of inquiry.
  • How music is connected to our daily lives.
  • Find out about an artist.

Exit Ticket

I used to think that the exhibition would not need a lot of research and it would not take a long time to get to the presentation process now I have realised that this is a long procedure. I thought this exhibition would be more fun and less work but now it is actually the other way around. Now I think that it is time to really get more research done and work but have fun at the same time.

Week 4

Another Town Hall Meeting

Today Mr Steve reminded us that we are not allowed devices in the library as some of the 5th graders are on using devices appropriately. But other than that we also found out that at 11:00 we were going to have a meeting with Mr Anil about Citing our citations and more. We were told that the deadline for the t-shirts is Thursday and we have to give them to our homeroom teachers on Wednesday. We also saw a video which was called Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!. It was about a man who was old and couldn't walk properly without support. People used to think that he will never be able to do anything properly again but there was one person who believed he could and helped the man to do it. At the end he managed to walk and even run.


Mr Anil & Citations

We had a paper and a pen and we were given a book we had to look at it and on the paper write down first the last name of the author then the first name after that the name of the book the place where it was published and whether it was print or web. I found that part quite easy and simple but then when we got the magazines to do the same thing I found it more difficult as there is not really an author and there was a different way of citing down for a magazine.

With my group I first built a bridge which was made out of newspapers and tape we did this activity to help us build on our teamwork. After that on a piece of paper we wrote down our strengths and our weaknesses. We also had sheets of paper which we had to write keywords about our topic on then rearrange them to try to form LOI 1. We also created LOI 2 & 3. We had to research on them later. We chose concepts which would go with our LOI’s. Then we had a meeting with our mentor Ms Melissa and we discussed the plans for our spring break ie. what we are going to do over the holidays. Ms Melissa also wrote down what are her expectations from us and how she is going to help us. My group decided that we were all going to first pick an artist and then research on them. After that we created a google doc, named it genres of music and wrote them all down we now have to research on our two selected genres as “Genres Of Music” was our first LOI. I selected Story and Hip Hop.

Thinking Skills Reflection

Acquisition Of Knowledge-

I learned new words in different subject areas when I was researching about the different genres of music which was my first line of inquiry. I found out that there was a genre of music called baroque it is a genre between romantic and classical music.


I understood the main ideas when learning about my lines of inquiry. I also found out new words when forming the lines of inquiry. In the first line of inquiry which is Genres of Music I did learn new words and then I managed to understand the meaning as well.


I explored different options when I was talking with my mentor as she suggested a different way to write our central idea. That gave us another option to put forward our central idea. We also had options of how to present. We could present by using a Venn Diagram, a two verse poem or by singing the information we had. That time also we had a lot of options too.


I made connections between ideas and facts when I was researching on how music can be connected to our daily lives. I learned that it helps you calm down if you know how to play an instrument. It relaxes you. I had also make connections when I connected between two genres.

Communication Skills Reflection



I listened carefully, with interest to my mentor and followed the instructions she gave while I was told to go onto a website which would help me with getting information about my genre.


I expressed my ideas clearly, thoughtfully and logically when we were deciding the team/partner that we should go with as we had decided that 5B and 5B students won't be in partners. So I suggested clearly how we can set the partners with a 5B person with a 5F person.


I understood the main ideas from the text when I was researching about rap and hip hop. I had found a paragraph on a website and I read it, picked out the main parts from the text which would help me take my research on rap and hip hop further.


I kept a journal for all the information I have collected so far in the PYP Exhibition unit. I have kept my reflections and also added buttons in it showing videos and more reflections which are on my google drive. It also has information about the work which I have done with my group.

Week 5

Learner Profile Reflection

I think that today I was a communicator because I participated well in the group . I shared my opinions/ideas as well. I also gave suggestions like we should add one more fact in our charts. My suggestion may not have been picked and that was fine for me as the other suggestion which was given I also liked a bit more so that was chosen. I think I was being open minded that time.

I was a inquirer when I had made questions about my genre and then I had researched about it. I was curious to know more about my genre and which songs come under my genre and my group members genre's.

Videos In town hall meeting

List Of Research

My Research Skills

Formulating Questions-

I made up questions that I could research on and found lots of information about the different genres of music. First I created the questions which I wanted to know about my genre of music then I researched and found out the answers to the questions I created about my genre of music.


I listened to or watched to learn more when I heard different types of music like Pop, Rap music, Baroque and more. I also watched different types of music/instruments being played.


I began to plan my research by typing my ideas onto a google doc. After that I organised it and made it more clear and then started to research about what I had thought of.

Collecting Data-

I interviewed some people with a survey to collect data for which type of genre was the most popular. My group found out that pop was the most popular type of genre of music. Then it was rap/hip hop and more until jazz/baroque came last it seemed to be the least popular.

Recording Data-

I took notes full of main points without copying sentences when I was researching on rap music. I came across many websites and took the main points from the websites and converted them into my own words.

Organising Data-

I made conclusions when we had got the results of the survey after interviewing the 4th graders we made a conclusion saying that pop music was the most popular.

Our Group Self Assessment Rubric


Week 6

Going Further

My Reflection For Going Further
  • What other information do we need?

We need more information on the music from the 1850 till 1900 and a little more information on the music from 2000 till now (2017). We also need to be a tiny bit more clear on how we are going to present our LOI 2. We have decided that we are going to write the information on 5 musical notes of different colours. But we might do something else too.

  • What other perspective do we need to consider?

We already considered perspectives from 4th Graders. About 6 people from one of the classes and from the other class we got about 5 people. We were going to call a parent as a guest speaker as he knew a lot about music but we couldn't as he was not free. We took a survey from the Grade 4's to find out which genre of music was most well known. We still need to consider perspectives of parents/teachers as we already have the perspectives from kids.

  • What further connections do we need to make?

We need to work on our LOI 3 which is how is music connected to our daily lives. I think when we start working on LOI 3 we will need to make many connections at that point of time.

  • What do we need to do from here?

We need to complete our research fully and then write them down on our musical note cutouts. After that we have to practise presenting and then perform.We also have to write down the information which we had on our Venn Diagram on a anchor chart and then stick the strips inside the two hula hoops which we will show.

Sorting Out

My Reflection For Sorting Out
  • How can I sort out the information I have found?

I could use a T-chart or I could use a Venn Diagram again but it would not be a new way of presenting. The musical notes are a way of sorting out as well.

  • What information is most useful?

I think that the genres of music which were most well known in the time which we were researching on is one of the important things. Also it is important that we stay on task while researching on the music in our time (1850 till 1900 for me.)

  • What is missing from our inquiry?

I think that in our inquiry we still have missing is some of the research as some of my group members started late on researching on our time so some of the research is still pending for us to work on.

Black Hat Reflection

Black Hat Reflection

Inquiry Research Rubric

Yellow Hat Reflection

Yellow Hat Reflection

Group Picture With Our Mentor!!!!!

Week 7

Concepts Reflection

My Reflection

Button For Concept Reflection

Taking Action

We learned about taking action. We also wrote down on sticky notes what the word "Action" means to us. On my note I wrote Action means Change and Movement. I feel while we take action we do move a lot of the times and it is also change because Action can include changing yourself or even teaching or changing others. After that we had a town hall meeting about "Taking Action" again. In this Town Hall meeting we learned more about taking action with Ms Swapna. This was an interesting and a big part in our Exhibition Journey.

Making Conclusions

Taking Action

Week 9

Monday 24th April

Now all of our research is done and we are going to the auditorium to practice our opening ceremony. We all need to get our props tomorrow. Our opening ceremony is going to be a small showcase of all the groups. For us we are going to do a small 10 seconds band. I am going to be on the guitar, Agastya is going to play the harmonica, Aaryan is going to do beatboxing, Leia is pretending to sing, Tanish is playing the Cajon. Our real Exhibition and Opening Ceremony is going to be on Friday 28th April.

Wednesday 3rd May

Our Exhibition is now finished. This Exhibition was really fun. The Opening Ceremony worked out really great as all the parents liked it. Many people came to our stall and really enjoyed the Music Videos. From the morning 8:30 till 2:00 we stayed at our stall and explained everyone. We also got feedback from a few people this is the feedback underneath.


My Exhibition Rubric

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