Reconstruction Begins! By: Alexi Peppas

Due to the many casualties that the Union has suffered we have been reconstructing, we will also be turning the traitors back to our side. Although we have not taken much damage, the traitors will be needing our help to reconstruct and revert them. The many people in the South do not have homes or men are dead and so they will need to plead for our resources in order to survive. Though they may not deserve it, the president and congress have ordered that all southerners that have reverted may be pardoned for their crimes.

Two Presidental Plans

The terrorist southerner, John Wilkes Booth, has killed out president , Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln's plan was very simple, to quickly get the southerners back into the nation and give pardons to some, But Johnson's plan is to keep them on a leash to help them reenter. As you an see, Lincoln's plan seems better, but now that he is gone we have a new system.

Slavery Ends in Texas!

Now it is June 19th and the southerners are calling it Juneteenth to celebrate the slave freedom, it is a very happy day for America and Texas! An orginaztion called the Freedman's Bureau has opened to help train slaves for education and life in public, but they still have little freedom. Even though Granger had given them this freedom as well as help rebuild Texas, he should give the colored folk more freedom.

New texas Governor Appointed

Johnson has appointed Jackson Hamilton as the new governor of Texas due to his love for the south. Many delegates at the Constituaion Convention are racist and are biased toward that, so we all can tell that the colored folk will have trouble adapting. The colored folk don't deserve this, they were our slaves for years and now that they are free, they are still in chains.

A New Constitution!

The Texians have have made a "new' Constitution. We all can tell it is very racist and it gives colored folk little rights. The new black codes they have established gives Negros only freedom. As well as there being many ex-Confederates that hate Negros.

Congress Takes Control!

I guess that Congress thought Johnson was going to easy on 'em. The Radicals are insisting that the South should do much more things to join the union again. The Radicals can somehow get control just by setting up black codes.

Radical Reconstruction Begins!

Well it looks like they did take control. Congresses plan for reconstruction was to simply have the military over look the incoming states for their requirements. Congress divided the South into five military and Louisiana and Texas make up the fifth one. They also had the military say the Ironclad oath to not be involved in ant Confederate activity.

Freedmen Get the Vote!

General Sheridan assigned Texas control to General Charles Griffin, who eventually will allow freedman to vote. Around 50,000 freedman were registered thanks to him. Recently there has been attacks by the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), who are a group of racist vigilantes that try to take matters into their own hands by voilance. The most recent attack was on a plantion newly owned by a man of the name Chicken George, whose son was escorted out of his home and whipped to submission.

Reconstruction Ends!

Thankfully, reconstruction in Texas has ended today on March 1870, but the white people there fear that with the Radical Republicains still in charge it is not ended. Many freed people live in the rural areas or in towns. Now the Democrats have won the state legislature and won the election. So we Republiacans are not in a good position.

Created By
Alexi Peppas

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