Modern Physics!!! ALex Guzman

The Four Fundamental Forces!!! Gravity: Gravity is the force that Discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. Gravity is the force of attraction between any 2 bodies of mass. Einstein represented this in General Relativity in a flat grid. The more mass the object the bigger the dent it will make and the stronger the attraction force will be. Electromagnetism: electromagnetism was discovered by Maxwell. It is a much stronger force than gravity. Electromagnetism is the attraction force between 2 charged particles. Electromagnetism happens with electric currents and magnetic fields. Strong Nuclear Force: Strong nuclear force is the force that holds the center of the nucleus together. This strong interaction is caused by the exchange of mass less particles called gluons which interacts between quarks, anti quarks, and gluons. Weak Nuclear Force: Weak nuclear force is opposite of strong nuclear because of radioactive decay. The substance is unable to retain its self so over time it decays away.

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity: General Relativity is the theory that gravity is a dent or curve in the fabric of space and time. Anything that has mass would have a dent in Einsteins model and the bigger the dent the bigger that gravity and curve in space and time. Relativity also says that the speed limit to the universe is the speed of light.

Quantum Mechanics: Quantum mechanics is the mathematical description of how particles move and interact at the subatomic level. Quantum mechanics describe why matter acts the way that it does.

Unification: Unification is the theory that everything can be explained by the same equation and that the forces can all be brought together. theory that all the 4 fundamental forces can be brought together into 1 single equation.

String Theory: String theory is the theory of everything. It consists of tiny strings of energy that vibrates at different frequencies and from those different frequencies it creates everything that we know of today. It attempts to unify all four fundamental forces together into to one reason for everything's existence.


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