A Story To Tell Levi Hanson

What Europe resistance group in World War ll did I choose?

I choose the Norwegian resistance

There group lasted from 1940 and ended in 1945

So what was the purpose and main success of the Norwegian resistance group?

The initial defense in Southern Norway, which was largely disorganized, but succeeded in allowing the government to escape capture.

This project is an outline of the Norwegian resistance. Movements during World War II took place in Norway through many types of actions, military organization, disinformation and propaganda, guerilla attacks and straight up fighting. Lots of parts in Western and Northern Norway were focusing on securing strategic positions and evacuation of the government.

Even thought Norway didn't have that much military beyond Norwegian Campaign a number of military operations and resistance groups served to subvert the Nazi authorities and help to the larger war. One of the best actions undertaken by the Norwegian resistance was the Norwegian heavy water sabotage. This killed the German nuclear energy project. And Other organizations destroyed a number of trains and railways.

This stoped Germany from getting heavy water or to be more specific (deuteriumoxide). which could be used to make nuclear weapons. In 1940 a number of sabotage actions by the Norwegian resistance movement ensured the destruction of the plant and the loss of the heavy water being produced.These operations named Grouse, Freshman and Gunnerside finally managed to knock the plant out of production in early 1943.

Operation Grouse, the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) successfully placed four Norwegian nationals as an advance team in the region of the Hardanger Plateau above the plant. Later in 1942 the unsuccessful Operation Freshman was mounted by British paratroopers; they were to meet with the Norwegians of Operation Grouse and proceed to Vemork. This attempt failed when the military gliders crashed short of their destination, as did one of the tugs, a Handley Page Halifax bomber. The other Halifax returned to base, but all the other participants were killed in the crashes or captured, interrogated, and executed by the Gestapo.

So what would the world be like if Norway would have never had a resistance groups?

Well for the main part Hitler would have nuclear weapons. And he probinly would have not lost the war.


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