Creative Native Adobe Workshop Series


The Indigenous Nations Nations Library Program welcomes you to the first workshop in our Creative Native Adobe Workshop Series.

The “Indigenous Reflections Film Project” is organized by the Indigenous Nations Library Program. This semester we will be completing this project with an online component. The project goal is to encourage Indigenous student creation, communication and technological collaboration by providing a platform for their Indigenous voices.

This year’s inaugural short film theme is related to COVID-19 and can be simply phrased as COVID Diaries - such as examining the impacts this public health crisis has had on you, your family, and your community. This is a reflective film project and an opportunity to share your story.

We have increased film submission participation fee to $100 LoboCash gift cards to the first 5 films to be submitted.

Film Submission Criteria

  • Currently enrolled UNM students are eligible to enter
  • 1 entry per film maker
  • All videos must be recorded with a cell phone
  • Videos must be edited on Adobe Premiere Pro & Premier Rush
  • Videos must be between 3 and 10 minutes long.
  • Most genres accepted: Experimental, Narrative, Fiction, Documentary, Music Video Styled Shorts, and others

Submission Deadline is April 16, 2021

Pre-Recorded Workshops by Diné Filmmaker, Kristin Maria are available below to help students with developing, creating and editing their film projects.

Introduction to Indigenous Filmmaking

In this session - you will learn the creative process of film making though mind mapping your ideas for creative development. Kristin has also curated some short films recorded with a cell phone to give you inspiration for your film. Enjoy.

NOTE: Disregard expired submission deadline in the video. Revised submission deadline is April 16, 2021.

Short Film Basics & Technical Issues

In this amusing video, Kristin shares some insight on filming basics and possible technical issues to overcome. Kristin also demonstrates possible technical issues and remedies to fix them.

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

The launch of UNM’s transformative new partnership with Adobe will make the full suite of creative software within Adobe Creative Cloud available to the University. With the Creative Campus initiative, we are building on the traditions at UNM and in New Mexico to provide new tools and resources for creativity and scholarship.

To access the helpful tutorials, click on the link below and select the Adobe Premiere Pro tab.

To obtain access to Adobe Creative Cloud for UNM Students

There is no additional cost for the license for students registered for classes at the Albuquerque (Main and Health Sciences Center) and Taos campuses. Access is obtained through the UNM online store. Provisioned students can get started with Creative Cloud today.

Submission Process

  • All videos should be uploaded in MP4 format.
  • Each short film should have end credits to acknowledge all participants in the film.
  • Please email Kevin Brown at azkat07@unm.edu to confirm successful upload of video.

Please click on the link below to upload your film.

Thank you so much for your participation in this inaugural short film project and we are happy to share your story with the UNM Community.

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Brown at azkat07@unm.edu.


Created with images by Sean Quillen - "old pueblo style building with long cast shadows from wooden beams" • Tammy J Kelly - "Native American Indian Feathers" • Rawpixel.com - "Young woman traveling and vlogging" • Fox - "Video Editing Timeline Premiere Pro Color Label"