Oakfield News Issue 63 19th June 2020

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Note from our Head

As many tributes continue to pour in celebrating the life of Dame Vera Lynn, it is perhaps fitting to remember the words that the Queen used when she addressed the nation a few weeks ago to reassure people that 'We will meet again.'

At Oakfield we have been 'meeting again' this week as more of our pupils in Years 5 and 2 have returned to school, and we look forward to the final groups from Years 3 and 4 on Monday afternoon. It has been heartwarming and uplifting to see the children's happy, excited faces as they have come through the gates and settled immediately back into their friendships and the classroom - we are so proud of them. It is clear that they have been learning and progressing so much during the last weeks and months, so hats off to all our parents who have done such a great job in supporting them and working so collaboratively with the teaching staff via the remote learning provision.

The school has really come back to life, and it is lovely to see. I am so very proud of Team Oakfield.

Enjoy a restful weekend - it is great to be able to say 'see you next week' and know that for so many of us it will actually be a reality!

And this Monday is Windrush Day which is an important day to commemorate, particularly in our corner of London, as we look to recognise and celebrate the values of a multi-cultural society. Please have a look at the resources below which we hope proves interesting reading and do pop along to some events going on locally including Monday's singalong.

Moyra Thompson

Heroes in Blue

Remember to share our final version of 'Heroes in Blue' to get our views up and then was some great rainbow design from the key worker children this week!

Oakfield's Got Talent

'Oakfield's Got Talent' is gathering some great contributions already so be sure to get involved! Send through your entries to Mrs Fidler (lfidler@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk) and we will put together the greatest show on Earth for the end of term.

Perhaps you want to send in a piece of artwork you have made during lockdown, or maybe you have learned to juggle, bake cakes, dance or you've taught your pet a new trick! It could be that your talent is writing poetry, telling jokes, acting or playing an instrument. Perhaps you are the 'keepie uppie' champion, the trampoline acrobat, the scooter stunt rider...whatever your secret talent, share it with us to make this year's show the greatest ever! Your house is depending on you!'


Timmy (4JM) and Daniel (2MF) went to pick strawberries but as they were mostly gone made the switch to pick onions. We hope there were no tears!


Dear Parents/Carers,

This week we have been talking about The Enormous Turnip and the characters in the story.

The children have been discussing the life cycle of a plant and are amazed by how much their beanstalks have grown. Bevon said “They are starting to have roots and grow a stem.”

In Maths we have been weighing various fruit and vegetables and introduced Number Bonds to 10.

Laila said “I weighed a potato and avocado, the avocado was heavier than the potato.”

Genevieve said “So I weighed a pepper and avocado. I found the avocado was heavier than the pepper.”

In literacy we have been completing story maps and rewriting the story with the support of a story mat.

We have spent a lot of time preparing the children for the transition into Year 1. They now feel confident and excited about the next step in their school career.

Next week we will be discussing Mixed up fairy tales. Please keep up with reading every day and practising Magic 300 words.

A huge well done to Anthony, Kayan, Toby (UFSP) and Noah (UFKT) for completing all levels on Magic 300! Superstars!!

Happy Father’s Day to you!

With many thanks and best wishes,

The Upper Foundation Team

Year 1

Dear Parents

Year 1 have had a wonderful week enjoying their learning and being able to be outside more.

The children were eager to see their friends on Teams on Wednesday. Each of the classes had the opportunity to listen to a story and the children shared how they are going to spoil their dads, grandads and uncles on Fathering Sunday.

In Mathematics the children have been talking about position and direction. The real challenge was whether we could follow the clues to find the treasure. They worked hard to set interesting clues for one another using the coordinates to support them.

We have been reading Katie in London which links our Literacy and Topic focus this term. The children have been spotting their favourite landmarks and telling stories of their own experiences there. We have been practising writing through captions, exciting posters and beautiful postcards.

Thank you to the children who are learning at home for continuing to send in your work. It is lovely to see how hard you are working. On Teams we have enjoyed seeing some of the children’s fruit and vegetable patches they are tending to so lovingly, a new swimming pool and skateboard!

To all the dads, grandads and uncles we hope you get to put your feet up.


Microsoft Teams meeting week 9:

Wednesday 24th June 11:15am

The Year One Team

Year 2

Year 2 are delighted to be back in bubble school this week in our 3 groups Hubble; Bubble and Toil and Trouble!

It’s been so exciting to see each other again and we haven’t let the rain dampen our spirits

Year 3

Ro(ma)n Burgundy

Seb has brilliantly presented his learning about the end of the Roman Empire as a news broadcast.

Elodie's poem (Rights) was inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah and is about the BLM campaign and Rosie's maths was an investigation to put the numbers 1 - 9 into a 9 square grid, ensuring that the difference between each pair of connected numbers was an odd number!

And a great poem from Rosie too:


Matilda has put together a wonderful independent project on the Tudors! Matilda has dyed wool using natural agents, learned to weave on a loom and made a little rug with the dyed wool. THEN she made a powerpoint presentation about it, which ends with her playing Greensleeves on her violin. WHAT A SUPERSTAR! Roll of Honour is well-deserved.

Year 5

It has been great to have Year 5 back in school this week from 8:15 - 12:15.

We have a full timetable including, English, Maths and Science as well as P.E.,Humanities, RS, P4C and Art. Year 5 have done really well with the new routines, learning spaces and social distancing in school.

Thank you so much to the families for your excellent time keeping and continued support. We are missing the opportunity to 'touch base' with parents at the end of the day and appreciate that you might feel the same. If there is anything you would like to discuss or any questions that you have, please feel free to email either Mr Allen, Mrs Azulay or me and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Year 5 have been creating logos in Art this week. They have been thinking of the sort of restaurants they would like to set up in their English lessons this half term and now it is time to tackle marketing. Take a look at these truly original designs.


Sketching Challenge: Butterflies

Last week's art challenge was to create pictures of butterflies. Below we have a butterfly challenge with a difference - it's set by Head Girl Marnnasha!

Great drawing from Tippi!
And one from Juju!

And below we have an origami butterfly challenge from our Head Girl Marnnasha - try it out and send lfidler@oakfield.dulwich.sch.uk your efforts!

Some key worker art this week!


Farm Life

Matilda has shared a video of her singing "Old MacDonald" in Spanish and being very creative in the video. Great Spanish and singing skills!

Birthdays and House Points

This week's birthdays are:

  • 15th Spencer 2CS and Thomas 1AR
  • 16th Marlo 5AZ
  • 17th Nevaeh UFSP
  • 18th Luke 5NA

House Points are as follows:

  • Baird -11,017
  • Pearsall -11,214
  • Ruskin - 10,573
  • Webster - 10,607

Roll of Honour

Matilda (4SN) - Spanish and Humanities


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