The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt MY Experience

Joe and I arrived fashionably five minutes before the performance started so we had to rush in
Texting is a form of writing right?

The Spatial Experience

Immediately when entering, albeit it was just in time, there was an awed sense of respect for the arts. People were well dressed and quiet, I luckily missed everyone clamouring in the lobby for pictures. My friends had reserved seats quite in advance so the seating was just right for me to appreciate the art. It felt so personal, the sizing didn't make it seem like we were ants in a crowd but close and right in the heart of the play. The arts broaden our minds from the logic number crunching to the abstract creations of the mind. Balancing both is one of the keys in the path to the good life, being in the right setting to receive both is vital.

The Social Experience

As you can see in the first picture of Me and Joe, I had a lobster function later that night I had to skedaddle to. Going with friends, I was able to not only fully understand the play, but enjoy multiple perspectives of what people took in. Of course, going with friends fills in the white space with something more enjoyable, but I do wonder what people I could have met had I gone alone. Regardless, social interactions are key to the path to the good life, we can learn so much from one another and do every single day.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I truly can't understand why people make out Religion and Science to be two clashing beasts. As the focal point of the play, Sarah Bernhardt's story shows how each can be monsters in their own right. Maybe I just grew up with a different way of thinking, but I always saw them as complementary, that science was our answers to the divine, and in the same sense, the divine can explain that which we will never have answers to. The play very much so brought up the ideas that perhaps this is also a new generational way of thinking, as clearly in those times there was a clash of power between reason and religion. Personally, I oppose the ideas that they must fight and be split, but the argument will exist until there is one definite answer that no one alive can ever know.

The Emotional Experience

In our time of safe spaces and political correctness, we almost ignore many of the touchy topics in society. The arts offer a way to display a perspective on such an issue in a respective manner; not acting like it has all the facts, but telling an anecdote that can shed light for many others. People's lives have been changed by the ability to see buried emotions projected in a tale. There is a sense of catharsis when you can see how the director of the play plans a reaction to some event and maybe people can relate to the reactions or the event and feel comfort. It might push them to act the same or change. The arts have a mysterious way of showing us the light wherever we believe it comes from.


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